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What is it and how to use the Tummy Shield?

My back ground was as a firefighter/paramedic. One thing they taught us in paramedic school was any time there was a pregnant occupant in a car crash, it was an automatic trip to the hospital.

When I was introduced to the Tummy Shield it became crystal clear to me that this product can prevent the injuries from the seat belt that we were so concerned about and required that trip to the hospital.

how to use the Tummy shield maternity seat belt adjusterWhile we understand that not all injuries or deaths can be prevented, this is a very simple, sturdy product that I believe will help save the lives of moms and pregnancies — at least some of them.

If my wife were pregnant today, we would certainly be using a Tummy Shield because I believe it is a simple device that adds a whole degree of safety that is not there when you are just using the vehicle seat belt.

How to use the Tummy Shield

Tummy Shield is essentially a very heavy steel plate and hook wrapped in a cushion.

The strap and buckle assembly are intended to wrap the vehicle seat to keep the Tummy Shield in place during a crash. Wrap the vehicle seat with the strap and tighten to snug.

The Tummy Shield comes with an extender to allow adjustment for proper fit. You want the little cloth tab on the Tummy Shield to be right at the crotch.

Sit down, buckle the seat belt as normal then pull the lap portion into the anchor on the Tummy Shield. Finally pull the seat belt snug.

You can see a pregnant tummy would be very well protected with the belt transferred to the legs and off the tummy.

By Greg Durocher, CEO at Safe Ride 4 Kids and certified CPS Technician Instructor since 2002

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