car seat gift guide
11/16 2017
Car Seat Gift Guide

What better gift for the holidays than a gift of safety and comfort in the car?Car seats may not be the most exciting gift but keeping a loved one safe if there is a crash can mean more than toys...

Tummy Shield national parenting seal of approval
11/15 2017
Tummy Shield: National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Recipient

The already award-winning Tummy Shield receives a fourth award, a distinguished National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.“We’re proud that the Tummy Shield is being recognized by an organization whose mission is ‘to create better informed parents as they tackle the...

safe halloween
10/26 2017
Planning for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday for little kids. It can only be fun if it's a safe Halloween. Sure there are the monsters and gruesome decorations intended to scare people but overall most children look forward to dressing...

pregnancy seatbelt positioner
10/19 2017
What to look for in a pregnancy seatbelt positioner?

We find more and more choices in pregnancy seatbelt positioner devices available all the time.This is good in a sense because it means more people are realizing there is an issue to address in driving during pregnancy. The trouble is,...

safest cars on a budget
10/12 2017
Safer cars on a budget: 5 family picks for 2017

guest post by Robert LovellWhen this blog posted about the family cars performing best on safety in 2016 – which, unsurprisingly, was around this time last year – a few important caveats were outlined.Notably, it was observed that "finding a...

Teaching Your Child Road Rules
09/28 2017
9 Essential Tips for Teaching Your Child Road Rules

guest post by Chris RichardsonSafety is always first. Can you imagine what traffic would look like if there were no rules? You don’t even want to think about it, do you? As parents, we’re responsible to make our children...

Talk to Pregnant Women about Driving
09/21 2017
Why Doctors Don’t Talk to Pregnant Women about Driving

"Motor-vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalized trauma during pregnancy." (Weiss, 2007) You would think doctors and pregnancy books would put more emphasis on driving when they talk to pregnant women.Based on Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System,...

car seat safety rules
09/17 2017
Pictures Explain Car Seat Safety Rules

Have you ever asked yourself: Why exactly should I keep my child rear-facing as long as possible? Why is it so important for me to use and install my car seat the way it was intended to? Does it really...

child passenger safety — pregnancy
09/14 2017
Missing Stage in Child Passenger Safety — Pregnancy

"The major role that motor vehicle injuries have on reported traumatic fetal injury deaths was shown and a significant new challenge for child passenger safety advocates is indicated." – Professor Hank Weiss concludes in his 2001 study about pregnancy, car...

drive safely during pregnancy
09/07 2017
10 Basic Tips to Drive Safely During Pregnancy

guest post by Nitin YadavPregnancy doesn’t mean you can stop living your life. Most women continue working rather late in their pregnancy – even if you’re not working outside of the home, the chores won’t wait for nine months....