keep our children safe online
08/16 2018
How to Keep our Children Safe Online

"There's a whole new world from when many of us parents grew up. And that world is called the Internet! Our children have access to...

school bus safety
08/09 2018
School Bus Safety: Is it Time for Improvements?

Every day, millions of American children ride a bus to and from school. Unfortunately, school bus accidents result in numerous injuries reported each year. Typically, the standards for school bus safety are only...

ride share with kids
08/02 2018
Ride Sharing with Kids (and for kids)

Whether you live in a big city or are traveling with kids on vacation, you may consider using a ride share service to get you from one place to another. There are a...

traveling with kids in RVs
07/12 2018
Traveling With Children in RVs

Aaaahhhh. Summer travel time, which includes family road trips and perhaps traveling with children in RVs.From a child passenger safety perspective, the question falls to, are these kids using car seats? And if...

taking your kids mountain biking
07/05 2018
Taking your kids mountain biking: 5 things to keep in mind

Getting children outside to enjoy the natural world is increasingly difficult in a society that is characterized by excessive screen times and urban livelihoods. With the child obesity crisis continuing to affect millions...

firework safety
06/30 2018
Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Fourth of July is a day of fun. From spending time with friends and family to frolicking in the water be it ocean, lake or pool. And to top it all off, there...

summer staycation essentials
06/21 2018
No travel plans? Summer Staycation essentials

This post includes affiliate links.—Traveling is not always in the cards for families during the summer. Flights for a whole family can be pricey. Even road trips can get expensive due to eating...