dry drowning
07/20 2017
Why Dry Drowning Is A Serious Problem

[caption id="attachment_20756" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Image Source: Pixabay[/caption]guest blog by Lindsay MAs a parent, watching your children play in a pool is both fun and nerve-racking. You want your child to enjoy swimming on a hot summer’s day, but you also...

flying with children
06/29 2017
FAA and Car Seats: Flying with Children

This post includes affiliate links.guest post by Lacey Haynes With summer upon us and all our fun trips we have planned, we are going to talk a little about flying with children and the importance of using child restraints on...

traveling with kids
06/22 2017
16 Tips for Traveling with Kids

This post includes affiliate links.As a mother of 3 (now ages 5, 9 and 11) who has now been traveling with kids to places near and far — as far as Fiji — for years, I have some experience traveling...

infertility and ivf process
05/25 2017
Infertility and the IVF Process: a Brief Guide

This post includes affiliate links.In vitro fertilization brings new hope to couples who struggle with infertility. In virto fertilization, commonly known as IVF, became available in the U.S. in 1981. Since then more than 200,000 babies have been born as a...

award winning Tummy Shield
05/24 2017
Tummy Shield An Award Winner

Tummy Shield receives a second Top Choice Award in the Travel Safety Products category from BabyMaternity magazine. Every year babyMaternity Magazine's Awards Program gathers baby and maternity products to be reviewed by expectant mothers, new moms and baby caregivers."It's exciting to...

12 essential steps for safe healthy pregnancy
05/11 2017
12 Essential Steps to a Safe, Healthy Pregnancy

This post includes affiliate links. Going from taking care of yourself to taking care of yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy entails a bit more, well, care. It can be overwhelming to consider. Here are the 12 essential tips for...

plan for a special needs child
04/20 2017
How to Plan for a Special Needs Child

guest post by Ms. Meier As the parent of a special needs child, it is crucial to plan for anything and everything. The expenses of having a child that will require extra care can add up very quickly so it’s best...

04/13 2017
What’s in the Box? RideSafer Fit and Use

Are you a bit baffled at how to the RideSafer should fit your child and how to use it? This video is to review the pieces of the RideSafer, how the RideSafer fits and how to use it correctly. First, what's...

tweens and seat belt safety
03/30 2017
Tweens and seat belt safety

They aren't little kids any more but they aren't teenager yet either. They are in between. They want to be treated like big kids but aren't ready for the responsibility we place on teens. And tweens still need to be...

big kids still need boosters
03/16 2017
Big, Big Kids Still Need Boosters

Big kids still need boosters until they are how "big" exactly? Our oldest son is 8 1/2 years old. In most states he can legally ride in a car without a car seat. In Colorado, where we live, based on age alone...

spring break with kids
03/09 2017
Spring Break with Kids: Staycation or Vacation?

7 Awesome Spring Break with Kids Ideas for Either One Spring break is just around the corner. Whether you are staying put at home or, yikes, are planning a last-minute getaway, we have you covered.Spring break with kids is certainly different...

fitting 3 across back seat
03/02 2017
Car Seats: Fitting 3 Across

Fitting 3 across can be difficult in many cars and in some actually impossible to do it safely. Sometimes it takes just the right combination of seats and putting that combination in the right positions like puzzle pieces.[caption id="attachment_17844" align="alignright" width="250"]...

special needs car seats
02/25 2017
Special Needs Car Seat

Children with special needs often need special car seats to be safe when being transported. It can be a challenge to find the right fit based on various physical or behavioral challenges each child experiences. Behavioral challenges Many children with special needs exhibit...

when should i stop driving while pregnant
02/23 2017
When Should I Stop Driving While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women ask, "when should I stop driving while pregnant or can I drive the whole time?" The general answer is you never have to stop driving while pregnant. You can drive throughout your pregnancy as long as you are...

tummy shield creation
02/16 2017
The Birth of Car Safety Device for Pregnant Moms

The Revolutionary Next-Generation Car Safety Device for Pregnant Moms Your baby is generally well-protected inside your belly. However, driving or riding in a car is a different story altogether.A seat belt is designed to engage with the iliac crest of the...

car crash during pregnancy
02/09 2017
Car Crash During Pregnancy: A Comparison

Moderate Crash, Doctors Credit Tummy Shield for Saving Baby's Life It was a shopping excursion with her mom. Nothing special, except on the way home, as she put the car into 3rd gear, another car decided not to stop at a...