buckle up teens
04/12 2018
Safest Place in the Car for Tweens? In the Back Seat.

The ages between the end of the child restraint law (in many states 8) and new driver laws is a time when parents may not be too sure about how to keep their children safe while in the car.After all...

texting while walking
03/29 2018
Put It Away: Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text

As our children get older, they start to have more independence. Whether they start walking to school or biking to hang out at a friend's house, they are starting to get themselves places. Many of us parents give them a...

rear facing as long as possible
03/22 2018
Keep Your Child Rear Facing as Long as Possible

Why keep your child rear facing? Car Passenger Safety Technicians teach parents that keeping your child rear facing for as long as possible is safest and best practice.While many state laws still say the minimum is one year and 20 pounds,...

travel tips for families
03/15 2018
9 Spring Break Travel Tips for Families

guest post by Emily DickTaking a spring break is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience for the whole family. However, traveling with young children can be difficult and stressful, especially if you are not used to it. Here, we...

spring break with kids
03/01 2018
Spring Break with Kids: Staycation or Vacation?

7 Awesome Spring Break with Kids Ideas for Either One Spring break is just around the corner. Whether you are staying put at home or, yikes, are planning a last-minute getaway, we have you covered.Spring break with kids is certainly different...

RideSafer or mifold?
02/25 2018
RideSafer or mifold? Which to use when

We created this infographic as a quick guide to help you decide when you should use the RideSafer or mifold. For more details read below.Please note this is our recommendation as child passenger safety technicians. We understand other child passenger...

pregnant driving statistics
02/15 2018
Pregnant Driving Statistics Infographic

You are so excited to be pregnant. You hop in the car to run errands or got to work just like any other time in your life. Of course you buckle up because you want to be safe for yourself...

is sex safe during pregnancyy
02/08 2018
Is sex safe during pregnancy? And Other Pregnancy Safety Questions

Pregnancy is a life altering experience. Not just because it results in a child which is a whole other life altering experience. Pregnancy itself changes the way we eat, sleep, work, live.You’ve probably heard about foods and medicines to avoid...

pregnancy driving stats
02/01 2018
Pregnant Driving: The Stats

I've been pregnant 6 times (3 miscarried). When I do the research to write these articles I always ask myself this question: Why is pregnant driving not a more common topic of discussion? Why do OBs not talk about driving...