selecting the right car seat
01/10 2019
Selecting the Right Car Seat

Did you know that 3 out of 4 car seats have some sort of mistake according to Safe Kids Worldwide?Car crashes are the leading cause of preventable death for children ages 1 to...

self-driving cars
01/03 2019
Self-Driving Cars: Will We Be Safer?

You may have seen the term "Self-Driving Cars" a lot more in recent times. Technology is reaching the point where we, as a human race, are no longer performing common daily tasks. Instead,...

#becauseitmatters Tummy Shield cost so much
12/27 2018
Why…? Because it Matters

There is a lot that matters when it comes to car safety: It matters if your child wears a coat in a car seat. It matters if you can pinch the harness strap. It...

winter coats and car seats
12/20 2018
Winter Coats and Car Seats

'Tis the season for dealing with winter coats and car seats for our young ones. It's getting cold! And it will officially be winter in a matter of days. Really, the time is a...

travel with kids
12/13 2018
Travel With Kids with Less Stress

Traveling is such an adventure and even more so when you travel with kids.And the prospect of traveling with your children can seem very daunting.We've all seen it — perhaps we've been it...

flying while pregnant
12/06 2018
7 Tips to Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, you are forced to leave some activities aside. For example, you cannot run marathons or water-ski, but what if you want to book a flight for Christmas Day? Many...

chiropractic during pregnancy
12/01 2018
A Perfect Pair: Chiropractic and Pregnancy

There are endless amounts of benefits for a mother being under chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy. Did you know that more than 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy?...

holiday safety
11/29 2018
Holiday Safety Reminders

Keep your holiday peaceful with these holiday safety reminders. Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree An average of 200 home fires start because of Christmas trees every year, the National Fire Protection Association reports, resulting...

car seat gift guide
11/23 2018
Car Seat Gift Guide

What better gift for the holidays than a gift of safety and comfort in the car?Car seats may not be the most exciting gift but keeping a loved one safe if there is...