growing up with pets
06/15 2018
How Can Growing Up with Pets Shape Your Child’s Personality?

Parents do everything that they can to keep their children happy and safe. Starting from conception until they are old enough to be independent, parents do whatever they can to keep their children happy and safe. They try and attend...

summer vacation
06/14 2018
How to Make Your Kids Summer Vacation Something to Talk About

guest post by Trevor McDonaldWhen the teacher asks in the autumn for the notorious — and sometimes dreaded — “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” essay, give your kids something to brag about. It doesn’t need to cost a...

child traveling solo
06/07 2018
5 Essentials to Prepare for Your Child Traveling Solo

Summer. It's the time of year for travel. But some of us can't travel all summer long (why oh why didn't I become a teacher?). So what do we do with our kids?At some point local camps just aren't good...

home pool safety tips teaser
05/24 2018
Home Pool Safety Tips

With the summer season starting, there is nothing more invigorating and satisfying than spending a few hours in the swimming pool at your home.It could be a great way to spend the weekend with your family and children. However, if...

12 essential steps for safe healthy pregnancy
05/17 2018
12 Essential Steps to a Safe, Healthy Pregnancy

This post includes affiliate links. Going from taking care of yourself to taking care of yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy entails a bit more, well, care. It can be overwhelming to consider. Here are the 12 essential tips for...

loving words for your pregnant wife
05/10 2018
Loving Words for Your Pregnant Wife

It’s no secret that we women can be hormonal, and let’s face it, just down right crazy during pregnancy. It might be a secret knowing the right loving words for your pregnant wife to keep things mellow for these 40...

driving while pregnant 3 times
05/03 2018
Driving While Pregnant

Were you comfortable when driving while pregnant?I am the mother of three children. I've carried 3 babies to term (I lost 3 also). Each time I was pregnant, I wondered about the actual safety of the seat belt across my...

buckle up teens
04/12 2018
Safest Place in the Car for Tweens? In the Back Seat.

The ages between the end of the child restraint law (in many states 8) and new driver laws is a time when parents may not be too sure about how to keep their children safe while in the car.After all...