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Just like you, we are parents too.

It is our mission to help fellow parents make every arrival a safe arrival during every stage of car seat with your children from conception forward.

Car crashes are the #1 killer and cause of injury to children in the U.S., including the thousands of pregnancies lost every year in car crashes.

Many pregnant women aren’t aware of the risks or even how to wear their seat belt properly. And tragically, despite all the new safety features available in child restraints, 3 out of 4 car seats are still being used incorrectly.

We offer a lot of car seat safety information but first, do you know what stage of car seat your child is in?

Learn more about each car seat stage. Download your FREE Safety Guide: “Keeping Your Child Safe Through 4(+) Stages of Child Restraint!”

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It’s about protecting your loved ones the best you can.

It’s about making every arrival a safe arrival.

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