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Using the EATAL with the RideSafer

using the eatal with ridesafer

What the Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop (aka EATAL) is and how to use it

This video showing EATA Loop installation in a passenger car was intended for demonstration purposes only since we did not have access to a bus or RV at the time.

The Energy Absorbing Tether Anchor Loop (EATAL) is intended to create an anchor point for the RideSafer Travel Vest Tether Strap in situations where one is not provided by the vehicle manufacturer. It is currently only authorized by the manufacturer for use in Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) class 4 vehicles (school busses), class 5 vehicles (2 axles-6 wheel (dual tires)) and larger vehicles.

Some consumers, facing unusual circumstances, have chosen to use the EATA Loop in other smaller vehicles. While doing so may not be inherently dangerous or create an unsafe situation, it would be considered an un-intended and non-recommended use by the RideSafer manufacturer and is not encouraged. Adding something to the vehicle that has not been tested may impact other safety systems like the airbag system or negatively impact the performance of the original equipment.

Go here to buy an EATAL or here to learn more about the RideSafer.


    1. Yes. It’s the same thing. It’s about 9-10″, enough to wrap around something and loop through itself.

  1. Thank you! I will look forward to purchasing some for our pre-school mini-bus that has seats more like mini-vans than like bench-type bus seats.

  2. Can the EATAL be used for typical (5point harness) seats in vehicles that don’t have enough tether anchors?
    (My van only has 1 anchor in the 3rd row but I need 3).

    1. The EATA Loop has not been crash tested for use with other child restraints so the official manufacturer answer would be no.

  3. Has anyone successfully used the EATA loop in an RV dinette seat that doesn’t have tether hooks?

    1. We’ve talked to a lot of people this summer about how to properly set up RideSafer in an RV. While there have been a few returns for it just not working, most have not returned. But no one has sent in pictures of their set up so we can say as a matter of fact what was successful. It really depends on the RV and how the dinette is set up ie. is there a back to it or just a cushion and what is there to connect an EATA Loop to.

  4. Hi, we are looking for the Ridesafer set up for our class C motor home. We only have lap belts on the benches/seats/sofa, I am wondering will it matter what position do they ride on? Will it provide the same safety future for kids different facing setting ? such as long sofa side ride or rear ride bench as well was back facing couch seat? Again All of them has a lap belt only. TIA

    1. Hi Tina, Like other harness child restraints, the RideSafer can be used with a lap-only belt and a tether anchor in a forward facing vehicle seat. The tether is required when using the RideSafer with a lap-only belt to provide the upper body restraint.

    1. Ideally the child would have head support at least to ear height. If there is a head rest and you are asking about the height of the seat only, it should be at least to the child’s shoulders. If you are asking in regard to an RV, we would emphasis that the back of the seat should be something structural and not just a cushion.

  5. I’m intrigued by this! But a little confused because I thought the anchor had to be in the very middle of the seat/harness, so would this not pull the harness to the side in a crash? I’m sure it was rigorously tested, I just wondered how that would work? Thanks!

    1. While tether anchors usually are centered in the seating position, not all are. When used correctly it can be connected to a tether anchor that is off-center such as when the EATA Loop is wrapped around a school bus seat leg.

  6. It says if your rider is over 60lbs to use two EATAL loops. With the two loops what is the max weight?

    1. Hi Trista, Vehicle tether anchors are generally rated to 60 pounds. In a situation when a child is using a lap-only seat belt, the tether and internal harness of the RideSafer are providing the upper body restraint so then we need to spread the weight out to two tether anchor points if a child is more than 60 pounds. In this situation, it would then go up to 120 pounds. The XL RideSafer is rated to 110 pounds.

      When using the EATA Loops, the same weight limits apply.

      If you are using the RideSafer with a lap-shoulder seat belt the seat belt is the primary restraint, and the manufacturer allows using a single tether in this situation.

  7. Can these be used in class B RV? we have one that only has lapbelts in the forward facing seats and no place with retro fit a tether point for us

    1. The EATA Loop was designed for higher weight vehicles like school buses or RVs. What you want to look for though is if there is structurally something that the EATA Loop can attach to and have the tether go over something structural in the RV to the loop. In some RVs there is no back of seat, it’s just a cushion which will not allow the tether to do what it is supposed to.

  8. Can this be used on an airplane seat? If so, is there a recommended area where the EATAL can be attached?

    1. Unfortunately, RideSafer is not yet FAA approved for use on aircraft. If and when it is, there will be an accessory available that wraps the airline seat for the upper body restraint.

    1. Technically, it’s designed for at least a 10,000 GVW vehicle. Please send us your phone number via our contact form if you would like to chat with Greg about your specific needs.

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