Trade-Up Program - Safe Ride 4 Kids

Trade Up Your Small RideSafer

This program is for you when your child has outgrown their Small RideSafer vest and they are ready to move into the next size.

We offer this program only to customers who purchased direct from Safe Ride 4 Kids website. We give you an $18 discount on your purchase of a Large RideSafer vest from our website.

Here’s how it works — it’s simple!

Contact us to let us know you want to trade up, we’ll verify your previous small order from our store and respond to you with a coupon code.

Not valid with other discounts or promotions. Program details are subject to change without notice.

Not sure if your child is ready for the next size?

The vest is a seat belt positioning device which means that the fit of the vest on the child is less important than the positioning of the seat belt on the child. The seat belt is doing the restraining (when using the lap/shoulder belt) not the vest. So even if the vest is loose on the child, as long as the seat belt is low on the hips/lap and the shoulder portion is mid chest/mid shoulder, we are accomplishing the desired outcome.

The weight limits on the vest are less relevant than height. FMVSS 213 requires that they include weight in the specs but it does not really play into how the vest functions (unless you are using a lap-only belt with the tether).

If the “lap flap” is starting to be pulled from a horizontal orientation into a vertical one, it is time to move up to the large. The large will likely be loose at first but based on the understanding above that “looseness” does not negatively affect crash performance you can feel confident that your little ones are still protected.

safe rider ridesafer large size

What to do with the old vest?

Can you donate a car seat that is not expired, is not subject of a recall, and has never been in an accident? Car seats can still have “useful” life left when your child has outgrown it.

Many charitable organizations, like Goodwill, will not accept used car seats. There are other organizations, like WeeCycle in Denver, that will accept used car seats to give to mothers who would otherwise not have the means to provide an appropriate child restraint for their child a way to keep their child safe in the car.

Here are some other ideas about what you can do with your small vest:

  1. If you still have time before it expires, save for another sibling.
  2. Give to a friend whose child can use the vest.
  3. We are happy to receive your usable, non-expired, non-crashed small vests to donate for you.
  4. Contact your local Safe Kids Coalition and offer them the vest to use for car seat class demonstrations.
  5. Find a local charity that accepts gently used car seats to donate to. Be sure to explain the crash history and the expiration date. (See below for the growing list of charities we are accumulating. Send us a link if you know of one that is not on this list.)
  6. The RideSafer manufacturer offers a recycling program, contact Safe Traffic System customer service for details.

One resource to find a charity organization near you: Baby 2 Baby national network


WeeCycle has a duo mission of helping low-income families with infants and toddlers in the Denver metro area by providing new and gently used gear and while being environmentally conscious by recycling vast amounts of baby gear. To learn more, go to WeeCycle.

Los Angeles

Baby 2 Baby provides low-income children ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. To learn more, go to Baby2Baby.