Our Mission

We help parents Make Every Arrival a Safe Arrival with their whole family, including during pregnancy.

After all, driving is the most dangerous activity our children are exposed to everyday.

How do we fulfill our mission?

We offer parents car seat safety education and innovative product solutions to the challenges of keeping their children safe while traveling in the car — from conception on — without sacrificing their own convenience and, in the case of the Tummy Shield, comfort.

We’re Here to Help You Protect What Matters Most… FAMILY!

Our Team

We are a team of Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST). We’re all parents and care about helping other parents, like you, keep their children safe in easy and convenient ways.


Greg Durocher

Chief Executive Officer & CPST-I since 2001

Greg is the founder and CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids. He spent more than 15 years as a firefighter and paramedic. He witnessed first-hand dozens of tragic car crashes while on the job. He was convinced… “Kids are the innocent victims of car crashes and I’ll want to do everything I can to help parents give them their best chance at the best possible outcome.”


Amie Durocher

Creative Director & CPST since 2004

Amie enjoys sharing with parents better ways to protect kids while riding in a car. She spent years teaching car seats at a local hospital and volunteering time in various child passenger safety organizations, and says… “As a mom myself, I love knowing I am helping other families avoid unnecessary tragedy due to improperly installed child safety seats.”


Jeff Lobeck

Business Developer & Former CPST

Jeff enjoys being part of the Safe Ride 4 Kids’ solution to today’s flawed car seat safety. As father and husband, he knows it’s important to keep families safely buckled in when traveling in a car… “I have come to realize at this point in my life that I love to serve, and helping other families stay safe while traveling is a great way for me to do that.”


Stephanie Lobeck

Chief Financial Officer & Former CPST

Stephanie values family most and is an enthusiastic advocate for helping parents keep kids safer in cars. She saw early on the significance of finding better car seat solutions for kids, indicating… “It’s a problem our family dealt with for years when our children were young, and it feels great to finally be part of some incredibly innovative solutions.”

Our Story

Safe Ride 4 Kids was founded by Greg Durocher — a former fireman of 18 years, paramedic of 10 years and Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor since 2001 — along with his wife, Amie — also a Child Passenger Safety Technician. Together they have more than 25 years of car seat safety experience. They found our innovative but relatively undiscovered products that solved some challenges many parents face.
Safe Ride 4 Kids became the #1 reseller/distributor (not the manufacturer) and your primary education source of the Tummy Shield and RideSafer Travel Vest. We also offer driving during pregnancy and car seat safety information and tips.

You see, we’ve been where you are — looking for solutions to various challenges of keeping our babies safe while driving and, in the case of moms-to-be, keeping yourself safe and comfortable too.

While the Tummy Shield was not available during any of our pregnancies, had it been Amie and Stephanie would have jumped at the chance to sit in the car more comfortably and safely. Amie and Greg were looking at buying a new car during their third pregnancy because their car with bucket seats in the back wouldn’t fit three child restraints across, when a CPST Instructor friend reminded them of the RideSafer® Travel Vest. It was a much less expensive solution, though they did eventually buy a new bigger car with four-wheel drive for the snows of Colorado. Amie and Greg found the RideSafer to be the perfect solution to traveling with kids and sending the kids in friends’ cars without having to move car seats around.

Greg and Amie met Jeff and Stephanie four years prior to going into business together. They met doing volunteer work in an environment which is not only physically demanding but is 100% focused on serving and supporting others during an exceptionally, emotionally challenging time in their lives. In other words, the four of us believe in serving others as a personal core value.

Our Product Solutions

We currently offer solutions for you for two age ranges: conception to birth and 3 to seat-belt ready.

From conception to birth we protect mom and developing baby with the crash tested Tummy Shield which redirects the lap portion of the seat belt to the upper thigh/lower pelvis. This effectively minimizes the risk that the seat belt will intrude into your pregnant tummy during a crash or sudden braking incident and it makes driving/riding in a vehicle much more comfortable for the pregnant mother.

Our solution for kids 3 and older is a convenient and legal alternative to the booster seat and the car seat. It’s great for parents who travel, need to fit 3 across, carpool, have children with special needs and several other situations. The Ride Safer Travel vest properly positions the vehicle’s seat belt on the child, lowers their center of gravity and, in the event of a crash, spreads the crash force across the vest instead of just the width of the seat belt like in a booster.

At Safe Ride 4 Kids We Care!

We Care about kids and keeping them safe

We Care about providing outstanding customer service,

the little things that make a big difference…

Like happy attitudes and easy returns

We Care about sharing & simplifying leading edge education

We Care about delivering innovative products and services

We Care about contributing to our communities

We Care about growing individually and collectively

We Care more about YOU and YOUR CHILDREN!