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Tummy Shield Reviews

Reviews For The Tummy Shield


 was in a car accident at 25 weeks+4. The car rolled and ended up on the passenger side. I was suspended on the driver’s side. Thank goodness I was wearing the Tummy Shield my friend had loaned me. It held me securely throughout the roll and my bump didn’t experience any impact. When I told the EMT’s I had been in it, I got a thumbs up and at the ER, the doctor gave me a high five. I have an anterior placenta so a lap belt could have caused an abruption so my baby and/or I may not be here if I hadn’t used the Tummy Shield. When we got home I immediately ordered a new Tummy Shield as a precaution (the first looked absolutely fine but after an accident I wouldn’t risk using it again). I never travel without it on and have recommended it to everybody.


Tummy Shield in a crash

I truly believe not having the seat belt across my baby made all the difference. When I was 6-months pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago, I was rear-ended. There was no damage at all to my vehicle, and I felt OK, but being pregnant I thought it would be a good idea to get checked out at the hospital. While in the waiting area of the ER, I starting having contractions. They {kept} me from going into pre-term labor. I then was unable to work or drive for the rest of my pregnancy, as any small stressor would cause me to have contractions. Had I had a Tummy Shield then, I truly believe the results would have been far different. When we saw my doctor last week right after this accident (at 18 weeks), her first question was what parts of me impacted with the vehicle. Thanks to the Tummy Shield, I was able to say that nothing impacted with my abdomen. She felt my stomach, listened to the baby’s heartbeat and all was well. I have no stress about being in a vehicle as long as I have my Tummy Shield because I know that my baby and I are as well protected as we can be.

Michelle Rodrigues

Tummy shield in car crash

I was involved in a car accident where my car rolled twice before it came to a halt. I was hanging upside-down with the Tummy Shield supporting me from my thighs. The ambulance and emergency crew told me that if it wasn’t for the Tummy Shield, my baby would have had a small chance of surviving; my baby is now 3 months old and healthy as she can be.


Tummy shield crash survivor

So I shared this pregnancy seat belt a couple months back, hoping we would never have a need for it. Well we can attest to its value today. One her way back from swimming K was hit. Accidents happen and trying to go over the “would-a, could-a, should-a’s” of it never changes what happened, but in this case we can say our baby is safe because of a choice we thankfully made in buying a $150 seat cover that keeps the seat belt away from a pregnant women’s belly while securing the belt around her thighs. So if you are planning a child, include this as a must have!!! Baby and mom are fine.

Facebook post

pregnant car crash

The doctors stated to that had I NOT been wearing the Tummy Shield it would have been a very different outcome. We go to all extremes to look after safety, our safety, our chilren’s safety, in the car. And looking after our unborn children is no different. Watch her video here.


how Tummy Shield performs in car crash

Mom credits the Tummy Shield for her having no injury and her baby being fine after this crash.

Janina A. – Phoenix Sheriff

I had one of these, got into a minor fender bender at 6 months pregnant. I believe it saved my baby because I had placenta previa and the fender bender alone could have caused a placental abruption had the seat belt been in normal position.

Heather H.

A woman was in the turning lane waiting to go into a business. The lane closest to her wasn’t moving but the outside lane (the one my husband and I were in) was still moving. She decided to turn anyway and slammed into us hard enough that it pushed us onto the sidewalk a little bit and turned her car completely around. I was on the passenger side so I wasn’t on the impacted side. I have a small mark on my thigh from the seat belt but I would much rather have that than anything else bad happening to my tummy or my baby. Everyone walked out okay thankfully.



tummy shield reviews

I started using the Tummy Shield because of the safety aspects of keeping the seat belt away from my baby in case of an accident. However, I was unbelievably impressed with how comfortable it was. Not only does it take the pressure off your tummy, the added cushion you sit on absorbs some of the bumps that become very uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy. It was also much easier to install than I thought it would be. Very good product!

Becky H.

I loved the Tummy Shield! At one point I had to drive another car for a few days while my truck got serviced, and I was constantly adjusting the seat belt because I had forgotten the Tummy Shield in my truck when I dropped it off. I used it the first two weeks after the C section too. My only complaint about it is that when I was wearing a skirt or a dress (which is often) the hook for the belt would cause my skirt to ride way up, leaving me feeling a little exposed. Otherwise I loved it!


celebrity tummy shield review

I was lucky to discover the Tummy Shield at Ali Landry’s event this years, just as I turned 5 months pregnant. I can’t believe I had not encountered this product before, it is simple and so perfect! I love that it allows my growing bump to not feel the pressure of the seat belt, all the while keeping me and baby safe. Comfort and safety make a good combo during pregnancy. It is also very easy to install and take out. Simple as water, and just as important during these precious 9 months.

Leonor Valera, actress

tummy shield review

This is one item that is a must have for all pregnant women. It was such a comfort to know that I did everything in my power to protect my unborn child from injuries if I was in an accident.

Jacinda Montano

safer driving while pregnant

I am just entering my 6th month of pregnancy and am so glad I have it. In the early part of my pregnancy, my tummy wasn’t huge, however it was extremely uncomfortable to have anything pressing on my lower abdomen, so the Tummy Shield was a huge comfort. And now as I continue to grow and feel this little person inside me, I am grateful knowing that I’m keeping him safe. Personally for me, I feel it’s 100% safer than without!

Shiloh Johnson, Director of Content at

I was in a car accident at 7 weeks of pregnancy and after that accident I developed a hematoma around the placenta which I totally believe was from the compression of the seat belt on my stomach. I stopped wearing the seat belt. I refused. It was not only uncomfortable but I was worried if I was in another accident how it would affect the baby. My husband came across the Tummy Shield online and told me he would rather spend the $150 to try this product to keep me and the baby safe in the event of another accident. I’m not 18 weeks pregnant, I’ve had it for about a week now and I can’t give enough of an amazing review for this product. It’s comfortable and keeps me and the baby safe while driving. I highly recommend this to all pregnant mommies out there! Thank you Tummy Shield!!!

Allie W.

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