Investment Opportunity - Safe Ride 4 Kids

How Do We Increase Vehicle Safety for Pregnant Moms & Their Babies?

Myth: The seat belt protects a pregnant woman and her unborn child equally as well as any other adult occupant in the car.


  1. “The fact is that it is not possible to position the lap belt in a way that would prevent crushing the fetus in a frontal crash. Clearly lap and shoulder belts alone are not appropriate for use by pregnant women.” (James Hofferberth, former Director of the Office Of Crashworthiness at NHTSA 2013)
  2. 170,000 pregnant women experience a car crash every year, resulting in an estimated 3,000 pregnancy loses and an uncounted number of adverse fetal outcomes. (Klinich et al, 1998 and 2008; Pearlman 1997)
  3. During pregnancy a fetus is at a minimum of 5x the risk of fatal crash injuries compared to the 9 months post birth. This study only looked at cases where both mom and fetus died. (Evans, Redelmeier, 2015)
  4. Only 48.7% of prenatal visits include counseling about seat belt use.  Only 27% of women who were counseled remember the guidance. (Weiss et al, 2007; Tyroch AH et al, 1999)


  1. Education:
    1. Attend OB/midwife/PA/Nurse conferences
    2. Supply providers with printed materials to properly inform their patients
    3. Consumer facing marketing via website and social media, PPC, etc.
    4. Partner with relevant 501c3s for awareness campaigns and build a connection forum for those who miscarry from car crashes
  2. Innovative Product: Exclusive USA distribution of the only highly-engineered, crash tested pregnancy seat belt positioner to safely restrain mom and protect baby.


  1. Increase overall awareness of risks and restraint use.
  2. Pursue federal protocols for testing aftermarket seat belt positioning products.
  3. Pursue approval for insurance coverage for Tummy Shield. (Durable Medical Equipment)
  4. All of which drives Tummy Shield sales.

The Ask

Private and/or institutional lenders/benefactors or investor(s) to raise at least $1,000,000

  • Ideal loan terms
    • 60 months (or longer)
    • First 12 month interest only payments
    • Mutually agreeable interest rate
  • Investor
    • GUST profile pre-money valuation = 3.5-4 million dollars
    • 3rd party valuation 7 million in 5 years
  • Note: based on projections under both scenarios SR4K is consistently profitable and able to meet inventory demands of steady growth at 17 months and beyond


  • Marketing / Education / Outreach to OB/Gyns & Midwifes: $500,000 (55,000+ in USA)
  • Tummy Shield inventory: $96,000
  • Debt Consolidation (optional): $311,000
  • Operating Capital: $93,000


Our mission is to save lives and reduce emotional suffering by preventing children from being injured or killed
in car crashes.


  • 6+ years in business
  • $2.75+ million in cumulative sales
  • 35,000+ Facebook fans
  • Alexa Score 476,566 Global – 133,178 USA
  • Domain Authority of 44
  • Avg. of 100,000+ Website visitors per month
  • Awards:
    • Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval
    • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
    • Baby Maternity magazine’s Top Choice Aware for Travel Safety
    • Mom’s Choice Gold

The Team

  • Greg Durocher: Co-Founder and CEO
    • 18 years fire service
    • 13 yrs Paramedic
    • 19 years Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor
    • 5 years Denver Metro SBDC: Program Facilitator and Small Business Consultant
  • Amie Durocher: Co-Founder and Creative Director
    • 20+ years in web & graphic design and creative
    • 16 years small business experience
    • Degree in Journalism
    • 15 years Child Passenger Safety Technician
    • Responsible for Safe Ride 4 Kids Internet and Social Media success:
      • 35k+ Facebook fans
      • Alexa Ranking (USA – 133,178 & Global – 476,566)
  • Matt M. Phd. (Research Professor: Medical and BioMedical Engineering) – Technical Engineering Consultant:
    • Testing and validation of Tummy Shield for both internal and external purposes (unable to post his full name due to restrictions of his employing research hospital)
  • Bob Clarke: Medical Device Reimbursement and Insurance Coding Consultant
    • 30+ year navigating the process of getting new products covered by insurance
    • Successfully getting 30 NEW codes issued to cover new DME products
  • Marketing and Advertising Partners:
    • WhyElevate – Advertising
    • ConvertCart – Conversion optimization
  • Professional Services Providers:
    • Legal: Elizabeth Lewis, P.C.
    • CPA: Bivins and Bunyak CPAs
    • Accounting: BBOptimization,LLC
    • Denver SBDC Consulting

Contact Greg for more information, by email or phone; 844-421-7233 ext. 700