How To Videos

04/13 2017
What’s in the Box? RideSafer Fit and Use

Are you a bit baffled at how to the RideSafer should fit your child and how to use it? This video is to review the pieces of the RideSafer, how the RideSafer fits...

how to do the RideSafer buckle
10/15 2016
How to Use the New RideSafer Buckle

New RideSafer Delight buckle in 3 easy steps:Pinch together the webbing on the left side (when facing your child in the vest) where the circles and lines are to align the rings...

Delighter booster seats
10/01 2016
How to use the RideSafer and Delighter Booster Seat

— Filmed with previous version of the vest and a demo Delighter Booster. And please excuse our doll, our 3.5 year old model went on strike during the shoot. —The RideSafer manufacturer has...

08/18 2016
How to Use the Seat Belt with the RideSafer

(To view how to leave the RideSafer partially installed in the car, skip to 3:15.)We have two children showing us how to use the seat belt with the RideSafer Travel Vest. An older...

RideSafer crotch strap
11/13 2015
RideSafer 2 Crotch Strap

Why is there a Crotch Strap with RideSafer? And what is it's purpose? And do I need to use it? Watch this video to find out.The crotch strap that comes with the RideSafer ...

using ridesafer tethers
10/29 2015
How to Use RideSafer Tethers

 Upper Body Support and Restraint with RideSafer Tethers When the RideSafer® is being used with a lap-only belt, you are required to use a tether strap to restrain the upper portion of the child. Some...

how to use the RideSafer Travel Vest
10/22 2015
How to Use the RideSafer Travel Vest

Using the RideSafer is really quite easy but sometimes it's helpful for you to see how to put on the vest and use RideSafer travel vest to safely transport your child. This video...

04/14 2014
What is it and how to use the Tummy Shield?

My back ground was as a firefighter/paramedic. One thing they taught us in paramedic school was any time there was a pregnant occupant in a car crash, it was an automatic trip to...