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RideSafer Travel Vest Reviews


The RSTV saved my 6 year olds life. We bought the RideSafer Travel vest when we had our 3rd baby and had to fit 3 across in a Honda CR-V. I have to admit we were nervous about her not being in a traditional seat and so were our families and friends. But the vest came highly recommended by CPSTs so we stuck with it. On April 4, the vest got a thorough testing. We were driving home from dinner and a deer ran into the highway. We were doing 60-70mph and hit it. We went spinning sideways, launched off the pavement, rolled 3 times (bouncing on each roll), nosedived into the ditch, skidded on the front end of our van, and slammed sideways into the embankment before coming to a stop. Our van was totalled. The entire engine compartment is rearranged and packed with dirt to the point it came through the air vents. The EMTs and ER were shocked we all made it, but even more shocked that our 3 children were entirely untouched, including our 6 year old in the RSTV. The worst she got was belt burn.

Ashleigh M.

ridesafer performs in a crash

This saved my daughter’s life in our crash last month! I was injured and the seatbelt left gnarly bruises on my body. My daughter wearing this vest? Not a single bruise or scratch. I will HIGHLY recommend this to anyone. And as a Lyft/Uber driver, I tell a lot of people. Basically, I was T-boned on the passenger side, 4-year-old daughter was in the back middle and I was in passenger seat. Our car was totaled to the point of “complete and total loss” according to our insurance car lot. The back axle was ripped in half and thrown across the highway, to give you an idea. Everyone lived, thankfully. Again, I highly recommend this car seat! P.S. – this got thrown out just as you would with a car seat in any accident. We’re still working on getting a replacement, but it is definitely happening.

Stephani B.

My daughters and I walked away from a horrible accident about a week ago and my 6 year old, who uses the RideSafer vest walked away without a scratch on her and made it to her ice skating show that evening. My 3 year old, who I have in a regular 5 point car seat suffered chest pain from her harness and cuts on her collar bone from the car seat. I would recommend this vest to anyone and will be switching my 3 year old to one now that I’m ordering my daughter a replacement harness! I originally got this vest as an alternative to a seat in order to fit 3 kids in the back seat and for the sake of my 6 year old, it was the best decision! The firefighters and police officers were extremely impressed with it when they took my daughter out of my totaled vehicle. My family was unsure of my purchase until she was the only one who didn’t need any medical assistance because of this vest!


It really works! My son (5) was wearing his vest in an Uber which was rear-ended while we were stopped at a traffic light. The driver had whiplash and a bruise from his seat belt, but my son was absolutely fine. We had used the vest in taxis for 2 years without incident, and it was a huge relief to see that it worked so well.

Leonora G.

I have the older model ride safer seat. It is the one that tethers and has the crotch strap. First let me say that I love the seat. I ordered the seat in 2014 for my daughter that has cerebral palsy right before we went on a big trip out west. Out west is where we found out how great the seat worked. We were hit in the back while sitting still at 60 miles per hour. It totaled the SUV we were driving. My daughter was completely safe and it kept her from getting hurt. I could actually see her because I was looking back and it held her tight.

Jennifer J.


uber rider testimonial of ridesafer vest

I’m so glad to have made this purchase of the RideSafer! My son (he’s 4) and I take Uber everyday and the majority of the time I’m running to the bank or a doctor appointment after dropping him off at school. This vest has made me 100% more comfortable with traveling with my son and also being able to have something light and small enough to fit into a backpack or large purse. It’s also very easy to adjust and properly secure the vest! The first couple of days I struggled just a bit but once I figured it out it literally takes seconds.

Deanna B

ridesafer review

When we travel to Mexico, we take the RideSafer Travel Vest. We use it to get our girls safely from the airport to the hotel and back. We don’t want to lug heavy car seats since we don’t go off the property yet, of course, want the girls to be the safest possible on the shuttle ride. It works well for traveling in New York City as well when we need to jump in and out of taxis. It’s a terrific and safe alternative!

Samantha Harris, Past host of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and correspondent at ‘Entertainment Tonight’

RideSafer testimonail

As a mom getting ready to embark across the country to Scotland for a family vacation with the most precious cargo with me, my children, I immediately started searching for on-the-go “traveling” protection for my children! But, it raised the question, Did that even exist? And to my standards?…. Yes, it did!
The RideSafter Delight Travel Vest was exactly what I wanted and ensured protection for my children! I immediately placed an order for two vests on a Tuesday night and received them on a Friday in the same week… WOW! Upon opening the package it revealed two high-quality designed traveling vests that were engineered for safety.  
I took a deep breathe, I now had protection that fit in backpack, to wrap my children in, nothing could make me feel better as a mom! After two weeks of using the RideSafter Delight Travel Vests, I would not change one thing… except my mind. They were even better than I expected!

Valerie Matherne, mom, traveler

special needs car seat

Our son hates his car seat…always has. He has spent the last 6 years screaming every time we went anywhere, no matter how far away. He has cerebral palsy and needs a little help for his trunk support. This vest is fabulous. He loves riding in the car now. It was a night and day difference immediately. His comfort level is perfect now. I also feel that he is a lot safer since the vest holds him securely, better than the straps/buckles on the car seats.

Esther Lockerby

ride safer review

These car vests were great when my grandchildren came to visit me. I have a small car so it’s a tight fit to have car seats or booster seats. My grandkids were able to put them on and get themselves all buckled up. It made it easy on me — I didn’t have to squeeze into the backseat of my two-door car.

Andrea D. aka Nana

ridesafer review

So, I LOVE THIS CAR SEAT!!! Seriously. Its taken about a week for my son to be really and truly solo on it. AND he loves it too! Its so cool too because it can stay in the car with the latch on the back

Liza Mucheru Wisner, Competitor on The Apprentice in 2010

travel with kids car seat

Just went on vacation with my 2 kids ages 4 & 6. We’ve tried renting and we’ve certainly tried carrying 2 seats in the past. I laughed quite a bit this vacation knowing I had 2 carseats in my carry-on! Really took out the worry about what to do about seats for the kiddos and saved my back to boot! What a convenience!

William S.

ride safer travel car seat

I use it when we travel mostly. And then it is a lifesaver during the school year as I carpool with 2 neighbors. It is such a great invention. I bought a vest for my younger daughter and a Bubble Bum for the older for a road trip. I’m planning on getting my older daughter a vest also. The Bubble Bum isn’t comfortable for long rides. As far as cabs go, they are so easy. I just use the shoulder strap. I’ve never been comfortable “Brittanying” the kids in a cab and the vest is so easy to carry around if you have a large purse or backpack. It really is a godsend when in an urban setting. Even my parents can use it! lol!

Kristin K.


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