car seat gift guide
11/23 2018
Car Seat Gift Guide

What better gift for the holidays than a gift of safety and comfort in the car?Car seats may not be the most exciting gift but keeping a loved one safe if there is...

04/13 2017
What’s in the Box? RideSafer Fit and Use

Are you a bit baffled at how to the RideSafer should fit your child and how to use it? This video is to review the pieces of the RideSafer, how the RideSafer fits...

fitting 3 across back seat
03/02 2017
Car Seats: Fitting 3 Across

Fitting 3 across can be difficult in many cars and in some actually impossible to do it safely. Sometimes it takes just the right combination of seats and putting that combination in the right...

special needs car seats
02/25 2017
Special Needs Car Seat

Children with special needs often need special car seats to be safe when being transported. It can be a challenge to find the right fit based on various physical or behavioral challenges each child...

booster seat alternative Safe Rider
02/04 2017
Booster Seat Alternative: There’s an option?

How can a vest protect my child in a crash? It's a question we often hear about this booster seat alternative.Car accidents can be tragic and we as parents want to keep our kids...

how to do the RideSafer buckle
10/15 2016
How to Use the New RideSafer Buckle

New RideSafer Delight buckle in 3 easy steps:Pinch together the webbing on the left side (when facing your child in the vest) where the circles and lines are to align the rings...

10/15 2016
When Others Question RideSafer Legality

How do you respond in the situation? During the last four years of marketing and selling the RideSafer vest, consumers have often pondered the legality of the vest. It's no wonder, I mean, how...

Delighter booster seats
10/01 2016
How to use the RideSafer and Delighter Booster Seat

— Filmed with previous version of the vest and a demo Delighter Booster. And please excuse our doll, our 3.5 year old model went on strike during the shoot. —The RideSafer manufacturer has...

09/29 2016
Introducing the RideSafer Delight Travel Vest

The RideSafer Delight is a wearable car seat that is adjustable to your child and can be tethered for additional safety and proper positioning.If you have looked at previous models of the RideSafer,...