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Learn How to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

self-care during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those life experiences that, no matter how hard you try, you’ll never be 100% ready for it. You can read all the blogs, psychology journals, pregnancy books and talk to the friends that have been through it; it’s not going to prepare you for that very moment fully. So, since it’s all about you and the way you will deal with this turning point of your life, why not practice self-care during pregnancy?

We know that this article cannot cover all the possible aspects. However, the approach that Top Mom takes is different. Instead of telling you that everything will be great and peachy, we’re delivering some good advice about working on yourself to make sure you’ll go through the whole thing and be a wonderful mother. To do so, we’ve put together some self-care tips that you can start applying even if you’re not pregnant yet.

self-care during pregnancy

Don’t Underestimate Fatigue

If you’re used to being in a working environment, always connected and doing something, it’s important to understand that your body is changing. So, the best way to go about it is to alter your behavior as well.

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That’s actually the self-care key ingredient that makes way for all the others: stop telling yourself that you can maintain the same schedule and do the same things because the truth is just the opposite. And even if you pull it off, you will be piling up more pressure on yourself.

Instead, you should be focusing on getting the maximum rest during this period to take good care of yourself. If you’re not getting enough sleep at night because of the multiple factors that could keep you up during your pregnancy, make sure to benefit from daily naps. Sleep is extremely efficient in keeping stress away, and it’s the perfect recommendation when you want to obtain self-care for mental health.

Thinking Positive Is an Important Part of Self-Care During Pregnancy

This may sound like general advice. However, if you’ve tried it before, you know how hard it can be to think positively.

To be able to achieve proper self-care in early motherhood, you need to start practicing in advance so that you can always see the bright side of things and not let anything bring you down. It’s pointless to focus on all those horror stories and negative things that women usually remember about giving birth – the pain, the feeling it will never be over – instead, concentrate on the magic of creating a new life and enjoy that unique opportunity you have.

Remain Active

Another essential element of self-care is remaining active. (Remember comfy shoes.) Even though we recommend taking things easily in point 1, that doesn’t mean you’ll just drop everything, crawl in bed, and stay there all day. (Well, maybe during the first trimester if you are feeling ill, a lot.)

You need to remain active because your body requires it for a healthy pregnancy, and it will also help a lot with recovery after you give birth. Of course, you shouldn’t hit the gym and do your usual training; it’s crucial to follow the advice of your physician as well. But make sure to walk at least once a day and take every opportunity to go on foot.

If you’re not that big fan of walking around, especially in the last months of pregnancy, swimming is an awesome way to remain active. It has a minimum impact on your body and is very good support for the ones that practice self-care during their pregnancy.

Watch Your Diet – Self-Care Means Balance

When you’re not doing much and feel a bit sluggish, the temptation is there to turn to junk food or other things that are not good for you. Also, it’s a natural response from your body to seek more energy in sugar.

However, you can avoid this trap by staying hydrated at all times and making sure you are eating enough fats, dried fruit, nuts and nutrients. Especially if you’re experiencing morning sickness, smoothies are an excellent way of making sure you get all the necessary vitamins and fuel for your body. Remember your prenatal vitamins as well.

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Seek Help for more Hints to Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

If you can’t push yourself to apply any of the advice presented above, or simply can’t trust a publication, it’s best to ask your doctor about self-care methods that are available for you during your pregnancy. Not that we always do what our doctors tell us to. However, if he or she confirms the tips you read in this article or anywhere else on the Internet, there’s a higher chance you will actually apply them.

Remember, it’s all about having an enjoyable pregnancy and making sure you take care of yourself. Don’t hesitate to take any steps towards being the happiest and most energetic future-mommy you can possibly be. And remember to tell your significant other how he can love and support you through this time.

We’d love to hear some advice from mothers that have been through this experience recently. Both from people that applied self-care techniques and those that don’t really believe in this approach. Any information can be used by the young mothers reading our website to have a clear idea about what’s coming. So, we encourage you to share your experiences and help as many people as possible.

Guest post: Betti Wilson is a mother of three that discovered self-care techniques at her second pregnancy. After things didn’t go that well for her with the first baby, she wanted to find solutions to be able to have a second kid. Thanks to what she learned, she even went for the third, and, since then, she wants to spread the word.

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