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flying while pregnant
12/06 2018
7 Tips to Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, you are forced to leave some activities aside. For example, you cannot run marathons or water-ski, but what if you want to book a flight for Christmas Day? Many...

chiropractic during pregnancy
12/01 2018
A Perfect Pair: Chiropractic and Pregnancy

There are endless amounts of benefits for a mother being under chiropractic care throughout her pregnancy. Did you know that more than 50% of pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy?...

08/30 2018
Twin Pregnancy: What to Consider

This visual shows you images on what your babies will look like month by month during a twin pregnancy and it will also give you some insight on what you will experience week...

top pregnancy books
08/23 2018
Top Pregnancy Books

First pregnancy or subsequent pregnancy, it seems moms can never get enough info on the what to expect when and where is the baby in development now questions. From day-to-day here's your pregnancy...

12 essential steps for safe healthy pregnancy
05/17 2018
12 Essential Steps to a Safe, Healthy Pregnancy

This post includes affiliate links. Going from taking care of yourself to taking care of yourself and your growing baby during pregnancy entails a bit more, well, care. It can be overwhelming to consider....

my wife is pregnant
12/21 2017
My Wife Is Pregnant! Now What?

Even if you’ve been trying to get pregnant, finding out your wife is pregnant can be a very exciting and nerve-racking announcement.Your wife now has a big job in front of her and...

pregnancy essentials
08/31 2017
14 Pregnancy Essentials You Didn’t Know You Needed

This post includes affiliate links.My pregnancies have run the gamut — from sick the first trimester to feeling great the second and third to feeling pretty good the whole time to feeling pretty...

infertility and ivf process
05/25 2017
Infertility and the IVF Process: a Brief Guide

This post includes affiliate links.In vitro fertilization brings new hope to couples who struggle with infertility. In virto fertilization, commonly known as IVF, became available in the U.S. in 1981. Since then more than...