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How to use the RideSafer and Delighter Booster Seat

RideSafer travel car seat

— Filmed with previous version of the vest and a demo Delighter Booster. And please excuse our doll, our 3.5 year old model went on strike during the shoot. —

The RideSafer manufacturer has released the Delighter Booster seat that has been crash tested for use with the previous (Gen 3) and current versions of the RideSafer travel vest. (However, the older models of the vest will not have any information about it in the manual saying you are allowed to use the Delighter Booster with the RideSafer vest.)

When you are looking to get a little more elevation to allow your child to see out of the window, you now have the option to use a booster seat that has been crash tested and certified for use with the RideSafer vest.

Have the child in the booster seat as normal with the RideSafer vest on the child. Buckle the seat belt as normal and slip it into the clips on the lap portion of the vest and the shoulder belt guide. Pull any looseness and twists out of the seat belt. Make sure you have a good fit by checking that the seat belt is crossing the child mid-chest/mid-shoulder and the lap belt is on the lap.

Next we’ll connect the tether strap. (The booster and RideSafer Delight can be used without a tether strap as long as you are using a lap-shoulder seat belt.)

We’ve already attached the tether to the vehicle’s tether anchor point. So we’ll attach the Y end of the strap to the shoulder anchors on the vest. Then we’ll pull the strap to a neutral tension.

By Greg Durocher, CEO at Safe Ride 4 Kids and certified CPS Technician Instructor since 2002

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