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Booster Seat Alternative: There’s an option?

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How can a vest protect my child in a crash?

It’s a question we often hear about this booster seat alternative.

Car accidents can be tragic and we as parents want to keep our kids as safe as possible. So you may be asking, “how can this little vest keep my child as safe as a big bulky car seat or booster seat?”

You may also be thinking, “wait a second, I’ve never heard of any sort of booster seat alternative.”

You see a booster seat is really part of the “belt-positioning” car seat stage and there is at least one other product that also fits the stage but is not technically a booster seat. It’s the RideSafer® Travel Vest.

Let your safety worries will melt away with this booster seat alternative

Here’s why RideSafer is “Better than a Booster”…

  • booster seat alternativeRideSafer positions a vehicle’s seat belt on your child so it moves with him, maintaining proper belt positioning throughout the ride. Plus, the guides keep the lap belt going across his hips, protecting  precious internal organs.
  • The vest has a shoulder guide which safely holds the shoulder belt in place, away from the neck,  ensuring your child feels comfortable and secured. The vest removes his desire to tuck the belt behind his back or under his arm, an unsafe practice that often happens with a backless booster.
  • By keeping your child’s center of gravity low in the vehicle seat, Ride Safer improves how well a child experiences crash energy and reduces head and knee injuries. Plus, its innovative energy-absorbing foam means, any crash energy will spread across your child’s whole chest as opposed to the two-inch area of a seat belt.
  • This revolutionary “car seat” has been crash tested as a harness restraint and meets or EXCEEDS all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) crash test requirements.

Let the RideSafer Travel Vest give you peace of mind with its impressive crash performance.

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