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Car Seat Gift Guide

car seat gift guide

What better gift for the holidays than a gift of safety and comfort in the car?

Car seats may not be the most exciting gift but keeping a loved one safe if there is a crash can mean more than toys or electronics. The fact is car crashes are the number one cause of child fatalities for children between the ages of 1 and 13. Car crashes are also the largest cause of fatal injuries for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

If there is anything we can do to keep our children safer, it’s well worth doing. So we’ve compiled a small car seat gift guide with a few of our picks for increased safety, comfort and convenience this holiday season.

For safety“common

We drive a lot of miles everyday but the miles really seem to add up during the holidays. We want to keep our loved ones as safe as possible for all those miles. This isn’t always the most easy thing to do as car seats can so easily be used incorrectly. In fact, 3 out of 4 car seats have some sort of mistake in their use. This is especially scary since studies show that 96% of new parents think they have done everything right with their car seat.

Let’s start in the very beginning…

Tummy Shield – Baby’s First Car Seat™

Mommas-to-be can have peace of mind using the only pregnancy seat belt positioner that is highly engineered, designed and crash tested to make driving during pregnancy safer for her and her baby. As a bonus it also makes wearing the seat belt more comfortable. We know it looks like a simple cushion but there’s a heavy-duty device hidden inside.

To buy: $149; Tummy Shield

doona all-in-one

Doona All In One Infant Car Seat/Stroller

This super innovative infant car seat/stroller almost makes me want to have another baby… almost. This is the world’s first infant car seat witha complete and fully integrated mobility solution. The car seat transforms into a stroller when out of the car. It’s like magic.

To buy: $499;

chicco keyfit

Chicco KeyFit

We like this car seat, so much so it’s the one we chose for our last baby. Is so easy to install this car seat using either LATCH or the seat belt. While we never thought it realistic to actually carry a 20+ pound baby in a car seat carrier, it is nice that it can be used up to 30 pounds.

To buy: $199,

nuna rava

Nuna Rava

This convertible car seat goes extended rear facing up to 50 pounds and foward facing up to 65 pounds. This adjustable car seat has many perks like True tension™ doors that ensure a secure fit without sitting in the car seat and infant head and body inserts. But the best perk is the ease of installation. Nuna says they prefer installation with the vehicle seat belt which eliminates the confusion about when and how to use LATCH or when you need to switch from LATCH.

To buy: $449.95;

For warmth (or cool)

buckle me coat

Buckle Me Baby Coats

As car seat experts, we don’t recommend wearing a heavy winter coat in the car seat. So what makes this acceptable? This coat is specifically made and crash tested for use in a car seat. In bright, cheerful colors and solid materials, this coat has a thinner back than front and rolls open in a way that the car seat’s harness straps go right over the child. Once nice and snug int their car seat the coat rolls over to keep your child warm. Bonus: it’s washable!

To buy: $89.99-$99;



Babies need to be warm too. The cozy fleece-lined LambPOD has a removable back, eliminating extra fabric between baby’s back and the safety harness. Great for the stroller too with openings in the back for the stroller harness and a water-resistant outer shell. Bonus: it’s washable!

To buy: $110;



While we’re nice and cozy in the front seat our kids could be shivering in the back seat. That’s where the Noggle comes in. This air hose helps control distribution of air around the car for warmer winter driving and cooler summer driving. This is especially helpful for rear-facing children whose car seat blocks air that might be coming from rear vents.

To buy: $45.99;

For fun

Remember everything in the car becomes a projectile during a crash. At the same our children like to be entertained, especially on longer car rides and road trips. If they are not, they may become a distraction to the driver. Toys in the car should be soft and lightweight. (And keep heavy things buckled down or in a trunk.)

infantino giraffe

Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Giraffe

This cute, soft giraffe attaches to just about anything and features music and movement. When children pull the giraffe down, it will play music for 90 seconds while it slowly inches back up. The toy also has clacker rings and mirrors for some play variety.

To buy: $14.99;

lamaze moose

Lamaze Clip and Go Mortimer the Moose

Meet Mortimer. He’s a plush moose that can attach to the side of a car seat or stroller. This toy has a teething element in addition to the activity legs, squeaker tummy and crinkling hooves.

To buy: $15.99;

alex desk to go

Alex Desk to Go

This soft-pouched portable desk helps keep older children occupied in the car with artwork. Two zippered pouches hold art supplies and a soft pillow bottom rests on the lap while providing a drawing surface with elastic straps to hold the paper.

To buy: $12.99;

For Travel

ridesafer travel car seat


This is the perfect travel car seat for children ages 3 and up. Believe it or not this lightweight vest is a certified child restraint. It is foldable and packable. No more lugging that car seat through the airport! We don’t even carry it at all; our kids attach it to their carryon backpack and carry their own child restraint. (Great for everyday use at home too especially if you do any carpooling or switch who is doing pickup.)

To buy: $145-159; RideSafer

brica car seat transporter

Brica Smart Move

For those who can’t use the RideSafer yet, this car seat transporter helps you haul that car seat through the airport with more ease. The cart fits most brands of convertible and forward-facing car seats and pulls them with in-line skate wheels. Let your child hitch a ride buckled in their car seat and it helps you speed through knowing exactly where your child is.

To buy: $79.99;

jl childress car seat travel bag

J.L. Childress Car Seat Travel Bag

When you decide to travel with your car seat but not have it on the plane, this car seat travel bag will fit most brands of car seats. It is padded to help protect the seat. This durable bag includes adjustable backpacks straps to keep your hands free to carry other things or hold your child’s hand. It is water resistant and easy to clean.

To buy: $25.89;

What would you add to this car seat gift guide?

By Amie Durocher, Creative Director at Safe Ride 4 Kids and certified CPS Tech since 2004

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