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Babymoon: Is now a good time to go?


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If you are expecting you may be considering going on a babymoon for the upcoming holiday of romance.

Babymoon: A growing trend

More and more couples are taking babymoons. Hardly a thing we heard of when we were first pregnant 16 years ago. A survey reveals 60% of parents-to-be take a babymoon these days.


In case you haven’t heard, a “babymoon” is a getaway for expecting parents — usually first-time parents — to relax and celebrate their couplehood before the bundle of joy joins them in family life bringing along all sorts of changes.

Next time you travel with your baby, it won’t be as easy. You’ll be lugging diapers, extra clothes, a car seat and other baby paraphernalia through the airport. Not to mention the baby, tired, maybe screaming… Did I make that sound completely unromantic? Well, still, baby changes traveling for years to come.

Babymoons range from an overnight stay in a romantic setting to a full-on bucket-list vacation, if you want.

Our babymoon (baby #3 not #1) was simply a stay at the hotel in downtown Denver where we stayed on our wedding night. Before our third baby, though, I took a solo trip all the way to India during my second trimester. Didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped as during that pregnancy; the usual first trimester ills lasted the whole pregnancy.

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When should you go

Babymoons often take place during the second trimester. This is usually when mom is feeling best. She’s — hopefully — past the morning sickness and hasn’t yet reached the discomfort and loss of mobility due to a bulging belly.

Many women prefer not to fly in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because they are already feeling nauseous and very tired. Doctors consider flying safe for pregnant women prior to 36 weeks, if you are having a healthy pregnancy. If you are having complications, especially any that could be worsened by air travel, your doctor may caution you against it.

Many airlines also restrict travel after 36 weeks. I mean, what if you go into labor 30,000 feet in the air? That will be one memorable flight for the whole plane!

And cruise lines may prohibit pregnant travel once women hit 24 weeks in their pregnancy.

In either case, check with your healthcare provider. And if you are flying pregnant remember to take care of yourself; take standup breaks (a brief jaunt to the bathroom — or four), drink plenty of water, pack a snack and maybe bring along some compression socks.

I probably don’t need to mention this but India was a long flight and on the way there, I had a window seat. If you fly, request an aisle seat because… you know… your bladder.

Where should you go

Your doctor will probably request that you stay near civilization when you are on a babymoon. No trek through the jungles of the Amazon. Otherwise, you should be set to go wherever you want. It all depends on what you are up for.

Most expecting couples want to spend time relaxing before the sleepless nights begin. So think lounging on the beach or a spa weekend. Or maybe a countryside bed and breakfast.

Others want some travel excitement that will be less of an option with an infant or toddler. So these couples jump at the chance of crossing off that bucket-list trip to Maldives or exploring Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Or a jaunt to the big city for some good food and museum hopping. Just leave time for lots of breaks, if you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

If money is tight, and let’s face it with so many things to buy to prepare for baby, it’s tight.

Tummy Shield safest pregnacy seat belt adjuster

Your babymoon can be a road trip to somewhere nearby. Try not to drive for too long without taking breaks and remember to wear your seat belt properly. You can use a Tummy Shield for increased seat belt safety and comfort.

Or you can always opt to do a staycation and just enjoy each other. Visit places around town that spark romantic memories of your dating days. Have a romantic picnic and have … on your living room floor, because right now you can (wink, wink).

Be prepared for pregnant travel

Whatever you do and wherever you go, be prepared. Be sure your doctor knows and OKs your plans for your pregnant travel. Have a name, address and contact number for a hospital at or near your destination, just in case.

And check your health insurance to make sure you are covered if something does happen while you are away, especially if you travel abroad. If you aren’t, find supplemental travel insurance.

By Amie Durocher, Creative Director at Safe Ride 4 Kids and certified CPS Tech since 2004

Copyright 2023 Safe Ride 4 Kids. All rights reserved. You may not publish, broadcast, rewrite or redistribute this material without permission. You are welcome to link to Safe Ride 4 Kids or share on social media.

We originally published this post in January 2020, which turned out to be bad timing with Covid starting soon after. We updated the article for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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  1. Hi, thank you for this great article! Do you still think it’s safe to go on a babymoon with the coronavirus going on? We bought flight tickets from Sacramento to New York in June already, but airlines are offering free changing of tickets for the next 12 months, so I’m not sure if we should cancel. I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal and the media is just hyping it up, but I am a little worried just because I am pregnant.

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