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pregnancy and seat belt danger
02/14 2019
Pregnancy and Seat Belt Danger

The existing seat belt system was never designed or tested to provide optimum safety for a pregnant mom, making pregnancy and seat belt danger an unfortunate combination.Yes, you read that right! Never designed...

flying while pregnant
12/06 2018
7 Tips to Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, you are forced to leave some activities aside. For example, you cannot run marathons or water-ski, but what if you want to book a flight for Christmas Day? Many...

Talk to Pregnant Women about Driving
10/18 2018
Why Doctors Don’t Talk to Pregnant Women about Driving

"Motor-vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death and hospitalized trauma during pregnancy." (Weiss, 2007) You would think doctors and pregnancy books would put more emphasis on driving when they talk to pregnant...

pregnancy driving stats
02/01 2018
Pregnant Driving: The Stats

I've been pregnant 6 times (3 miscarried). When I do the research to write these articles I always ask myself this question: Why is pregnant driving not a more common topic of discussion?...

pregnancy seatbelt positioner
10/19 2017
What to look for in a pregnancy seatbelt positioner?

We find more and more choices in pregnancy seatbelt positioner devices available all the time.This is good in a sense because it means more people are realizing there is an issue to address...

drive safely during pregnancy
09/07 2017
10 Basic Tips to Drive Safely During Pregnancy

guest post by Nitin YadavPregnancy doesn’t mean you can stop living your life. Most women continue working rather late in their pregnancy – even if you’re not working outside of the home,...

award winning Tummy Shield
05/24 2017
Tummy Shield An Award Winner

Tummy Shield receives a second Top Choice Award in the Travel Safety Products category from BabyMaternity magazine. Every year babyMaternity Magazine's Awards Program gathers baby and maternity products to be reviewed by expectant mothers,...

when should i stop driving while pregnant
02/23 2017
When Should I Stop Driving While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women ask, "when should I stop driving while pregnant or can I drive the whole time?" The general answer is you never have to stop driving while pregnant. You can drive throughout...