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Window Tinting for Safer Children

window tint for children

When summer comes around, it can get difficult to drive for long distances because of the direct sunlight. Sitting in the car can also become uncomfortable as heat inside the car rises. You may experience headaches and even get sunburned. When children are involved, the situation can become quite unbearable and possibly reach dangerous levels where the cars seats and seat belts become too hot to use.

Window shading and window tinting are the only options to solve this problem. Many people are not quite sure which among the two is best for their car. Here, we will look at the best option for you to choose between window tinting and window shading for your children’s safety.

window tint for children

Let’s first take a quick look at what we mean by window tinting and window shading.

What is window tinting?

Window tinting is the process of applying a dark film to the interior of a car’s window. It is done to reduce the sun rays reaching the car’s interior and to also conceal the insides of a car. There are various variations of window tints. Basically, a window tint is graded on its ability to reduce light penetration through the window. Therefore the darker the tint, the lower the light transmittance there will be and the more expensive it might cost.

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Most manufacturers will have window tinting done in their factories, while some will opt to leave it up to the clients. While DIY equipment is cheaper to use for a window tinting job, the results are usually messy, and unsightly bubbles tend to appear on the window later.

What about window shades?

A window shade is a screen used to block excessive sun rays reaching a car interior. It is typically woven from polyester. They work similarly to a window tint, with the benefit of blocking most of the sun rays. Normally, they will be fitted on the interior of the car’s windows and can be removed any time during the day when not needed. (SR4K note: CPS techs typically do not recommend using window shades that suction cup to the window or have hard plastic pieces as it could come off during a crash and become a projectile. There are some fabric shades that cover the whole window, we haven’t tried them yet to make a recommendation one way or the other.)

Shading or tinting: which is better?

Window tinting is by far the most preferred method of keeping sun rays away from a car’s interior. It is more convenient and you will not have to repeat the installation process once its done.

A Window shade, on the other hand, can be quite tough to install, especially when its size doesn’t fit the size of your window. Since they are not custom designed, window shades may be at times too small or too large for your car’s windows. You will be required to install and remove them regularly when protecting your car’s interior. This can become an inconvenience, especially when you have to rush to places and have no time to fit your shades properly. Depending on the shade type sometimes they will simply pop off during a drive.

Why you should install a window tint

Window tinting has a lot more to offer than you’d think when it comes to protecting your kids and your car’s interior. Here are some of the reasons why you need to install window tint.

1. Safer driving

Window tints help reduce the amount of direct sunlight in the car which makes driving safer. Most drivers struggle with the glare of sun rays while driving, which can potentially lead to an accident. With a window tint, you can significantly reduce the amount of light that blocks your vision leading to safer journeys on a sunny day.

2. Shattered glass protection

In case of an accident, window tinting reduces the chance of the glass breaking. However, if the glass does break, the tint will still keep your window glass attached. This will protect you and your kids from the danger of shattered glass.

3. Prevent crime

Criminals are more likely to break into your car when they notice something valuable inside. Window tints are able to conceal any items left in the car which can reduce burglar enticement. This can be a saver if you happen to leave a purse, laptop or your mobile phone in your car.

4. Block harmful UV lights

UV rays that lead to cancer do penetrate glass. Each time your child rides in your car, they get exposed to these rays and have a higher chance of developing cancer in the future. Tinting your car greatly reduces the exposure of cancer-causing UV light to your child’s skin. Window tinting is one thing you can do to prepare your car for a new baby.

5. Interior protection

It is worth noting that sunlight damages your car’s interior.  The dashboard and other parts of the car’s upholstery tend to fade quickly from their original colors when exposed to a lot of sunlight. This is quite noticeable on leather seats which become dry and stiffen with time.

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Disadvantages of window tinting

1. Dark tints lower your vision as a driver

At times window tints have the ability to lower a driver’s vision. For instance, at night window tints can limit the amount of light that a driver sees which can potentially lead to an accident.

2. Potentially illegal

Most states have different laws regarding window tinting. In some, you can even land yourself in trouble when you install a dark tint. You are also likely to get pulled over by the police as they see it as a cause for suspicion. Not to mention the fines, you can end up paying for having your car windows tinted.

3. Quite hard for DIY installation

If you had plans to get a DIY tint kit, chances are, you will end up with a low-quality tint job. Most of the tint kits considered tend to start peeling off a short time after they are applied. However, a well-executed tint job by a professional can keep your car’s windows going for years before it starts to peel off.

Still wondering whether you should black out your windows? Window tinting is no longer considered a luxury as it was seen in the past. It is now becoming a necessity to drivers. Tinting gives you the peace of mind and assured safety for children and your car’s interior.

Warning: Window tinting is not enough to keep a car cool enough to keep a child left alone in the car safe. Always bring your child with you and always check the back seat.

Guest post: Steve Wright is a Freelance writer who loves cars, playing basketball and business. He works closely with Scorpion Window Film as a content specialist helping them build their online presence through friendly, engaging and shareable web content. When not hunched over his computer thinking loudly, you can find him playing pop music with his band, reading horror novels or traveling.

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