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Tips to Ease Motion Sickness in Children

tips to ease motion sickness

Guest post by Michael Giesbrecht

Nothing makes a parent’s heart ache more than when his or her child is under the weather. If your little one complains of nausea, dizziness or even vomits when traveling, it could be due to motion sickness, which mainly occurs during car, train, ship and air travel.

Quick tips to ease motion sickness

While researchers aren’t sure why motion sickness affects some children more than others, the good news is that it is treatable. Quell your child’s queasy tummy on your next trip with these best approaches to treatment.

  • Ginger-infused snacks or candy may help provide relief from nausea associated with motion sickness. Ask your pediatrician for the appropriate dosage amount.
  • Aromatherapy can also help combat symptoms of nausea. Scents such as lavender or mint can be calming and effective against queasiness.
  • Encourage your child to focus on objects and scenery outside of the vehicle rather than on reading, movies, coloring books or video games on digital devices. Try some driving games that get your child to look up and distract them. Ask them to pick out shapes in the clouds to keep them looking outside. Make travel fun and get your child to sing songs, talk or listen to music. Providing distractions may keep kids’ minds off the discomfort.
  • Position your kids near a window when traveling so they can see where they’re going.
  • Proper air ventilation may also help keep symptoms at bay.
  • Ask your pediatrician about over-the-counter medicines, which can be useful for long trips.

Most children tend to outgrow their motion sickness. In the interim, these tips may help alleviate their discomfort and put your mind at ease during your next road trip. For even more suggestions, view the graphic below.

tips to ease motion sickness in children

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