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Car Accident Statistics in the U.S. (Infographic)

car accident stats

Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death among healthy U.S. citizens. As a result, tens of thousands of drivers sustain fatal injuries in a single year. And nearly 2.5 million drivers receive serious or permanently disabling injuries.

Car accident statistics show these numbers have been rising in recent years despite improvements in automobile safety features. The United States has more than 220 million licensed drivers, and they risk their lives every time they enter an automobile as driver or passenger.

Here’s a few car accident statistic highlights

Be sure to review the infographic below for more. (Keep scrolling.)

There is a:

  • Fatality from a crash 1 every 14 seconds
  • Person injured from a crash 1 every 13 seconds
  • Property damage from a crash 1 every 7 seconds
  • Law-enforcement reported crash 1 every 5 seconds

Type of crashes by percentage:

what percentage of crashes are side impact

How many car accidents happen per year in the U.S.?

  • Nearly 5 million crashes are reported every year. (An estimated 10 million go unreported.)
  • Every day more than 90 Americans die in car crashes (for a total of about 38,000 — up to 42,915 in 2021)
    • Of those almost 8,000 are young drivers ages 16 to 20
    • And more than 1,600 are children younger than 15
  • On average about 2 million drivers experience a permanent injury every year.
  • Of the crashes resulting in a fatality, the most common causes are:
    • drunk driving (40%),
    • speeding (20%), and
    • distracted or irresponsible driving (33%).

Put the odds in your favor

make every arrival a safe arrival™

1. For starters, it is extremely important to purchase the proper auto insurance. Many health insurance policies don’t cover treatment for injuries sustained in automobile accidents. To ensure that you, your passengers and everyone else involved receives proper treatment after an accident, make sure your auto insurance covers bodily injury and medical treatments.

2. Then in the car, make sure everyone is buckled up for every drive and children are properly restrained according to car seat best practices not based on state car seat laws. (Most crashes happen within a few miles of your home.)

3. And remain focused on your driving and stay aware of what is going on around you while you are driving aka no distracted driving.

Check out the car accident statistics below – and drive safely!

car accident statistics

Published with permission. We cut parts of this graphic to keep focused on car accident statistics in general instead of specific population segments. To view the entire graphic go here.

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