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Twin Pregnancy: What to Consider

This visual shows you images on what your babies will look like month by month during a twin pregnancy and it will also give you some insight on what you will experience week by week. Moms can experience these changes during different period of their twin pregnancy, but this guide by Twin Stuff gives you an estimated timeline of what could happen to your body and what you must do to take care of it.

In nine months, you’ll need to consider the safety of two tiny human beings. Before that, you need to concern yourself with both your own safety and theirs.

Remember, whether you are a passenger or driver, it is best to keep your twins safe by adding some safety measures to your car like the Tummy Shield. It is best to use the Tummy Shield starting from Week 12 because it’s around the time the pregnancy expands past the protection of your hip bones and you really starting to show.

Because your twins can make your belly bigger than a normal singleton pregnancy, it is especially important to give yourself enough space between yourself and the wheel while driving during pregnancy. To know more about how big your belly will get, you can take a look at this handy infographic and see the physical changes of your body.

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