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01/17 2019
Properly Installing Your Car Seat

Car Seat Installation 101 You're done selecting the right car seat for you, now it's time for installing your car seat. You've heard that 75 to 96% of parents get it wrong (depending on...

rear facing as long as possible
03/22 2018
Keep Your Child Rear Facing as Long as Possible

Why keep your child rear facing? Car Passenger Safety Technicians teach parents that keeping your child rear facing for as long as possible is safest and best practice.While many state laws still say the...

prepare your car for baby
12/22 2016
6 Smart Steps to Prepare Your Car for Baby?

guest post by David Moss Planning ahead now for the arrival of a baby represents an intelligent choice. If you will welcome an infant into your household soon, you'll want to ensure your vehicle provides...

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12/15 2016
More States Change Car Seat Laws for Rear-Facing Longer

While child passenger safety technicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics has long been recommending that parents keep their children rear-facing past age one, more states are finally changing their laws to require...

07/28 2016
Rear Facing vs Forward Facing Car Seats

Rear facing vs forward facing car seats (and how that includes the RideSafer Travel Vest) when we apply the 5 safety principles of every restraint system. There are 5 principles every restraint system applies...

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01/29 2015
Going Forward Facing Too Early – WAY Too Early

Nearly 25% of parents turn their child forward facing too early, even before the child turns 1.Recent University of Michigan surveys asked a randomly selected group of parents with children between the ages...