Holiday Toy Safety - Safe Ride 4 Kids

Holiday Toy Safety

Just in time for the big shopping weekend, here are some Holiday Toy Safety tips to save money and be safe:

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Holiday Toy Safety

Saving Money

Bundle Orders! Plan your gift list ahead of time so you can bundle orders to save on shipping.

Reward Me! Sign up for rewards programs from retailers and credit cards so each purchase pays you back

Payback time! You often save money by using credit cards over the holidays, but if you don’t pay them back, those savings will end up costing you big time. Only use a credit card when you can afford to pay off the balance before the end of the month.

Safely Frugal

Avoid knock-off brands! While they can be much cheaper, they often skirt safety testing, and may contain hazardous materials, or break easily.

Hand-off! When buying second-hand items from ebay or craigslist, steer clear of baby furniture and car seats which may not meet current safety standards, or might have even been recalled.

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