Other Child Safety Tips

holiday safety
11/29 2018
Holiday Safety Reminders

Keep your holiday peaceful with these holiday safety reminders. Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree An average of 200 home fires start because of Christmas trees every year, the National Fire Protection Association reports, resulting...

safe halloween
10/25 2018
Planning for a Safe Halloween

Halloween is meant to be a fun holiday for little kids. It can only be fun if it's also a safe Halloween.Sure there are the monsters and gruesome decorations intended to scare people...

keep our children safe online
08/16 2018
How to Keep our Children Safe Online

There's a whole new world from when many of us parents grew up. And that world is called the Internet! Our children have access to...

taking your kids mountain biking
07/05 2018
Taking your kids mountain biking: 5 things to keep in mind

Getting children outside to enjoy the natural world is increasingly difficult in a society that is characterized by excessive screen times and urban livelihoods. With the child obesity crisis continuing to affect millions...

firework safety
06/30 2018
Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Fourth of July is a day of fun. From spending time with friends and family to frolicking in the water be it ocean, lake or pool. And to top it all off, there...

home pool safety tips teaser
05/24 2018
Home Pool Safety Tips

With the summer season starting, there is nothing more invigorating and satisfying than spending a few hours in the swimming pool at your home.It could be a great way to spend the weekend...

texting while walking
03/29 2018
Put It Away: Why You Shouldn’t Walk and Text

As our children get older, they start to have more independence. Whether they start walking to school or biking to hang out at a friend's house, they are starting to get themselves places....

Winter safety
01/25 2018
Winter Sport Safety… and Fun

It's that special time of year when it SNOWS!!! Kids — and parents alike — love the snow and playing in snow...