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How Can Hiring a Professional Childproofer Benefit You?

hiring professional childproofer denver

With all the DIY trend these days many wonder, “Why would I hire a professional childproofer?  I can do this myself!”

We all know you can search the Internet for absolutely anything and get thousands of results, childproofing is no different!  There are countless childproofing tips and checklists out there.  My favorite are the many “tricks, tips, and hacks” that come up, some of which involve pool noodles, yard sticks, rubber bands, duct tape and chew toys.

hiring professional childproofer denver

As a professional childproofer myself (and I’m sure I speak for other professional childproofers out there), these just make us laugh out loud, however, at the same time, cause great concern!

The number of safety issues with these obviously outweigh the benefits, and it baffles me as to why anyone would cut corners when it comes to their child’s safety! On the other side of things, there are also many parents that just don’t know where to start or have very limited choices when it comes their access to products.

With a background in law enforcement owner Shane McNulty has seen many child injuries hat could have and should have been prevented. Now as Child Safe LLC, he and his wife, Nicole, inform parents on different safety measures that can be taken within their home to keep their most valuable possessions safe from hidden dangers through proper childproofing. The recommendations that we at Child Safe give will come from the experience we have gained from our past careers (law enforcement, construction and teaching between the two of them), education and young children we have.

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child safe

Now don’t get me wrong, many people are skilled enough and can be successful in their childproofing abilities, however, there are advantages to hiring a professional childproofer. And by “professional childproofer”, I don’t mean a general contractor as building code and childproofing standards differ, as does the area of expertise.

Childproofing is a specialty service keeping your child’s safety in mind.

Here are our top 10 reasons to hire a professional childproofer:

  1. Education!  A true professional childproofer should take the time to truly educate you as to the why and hows of creating a safe environment for your child
  2. Experience!  We have countless hours dealing with all kinds of situations in various homes and can provide the products that best suit your specific needs
  3. Product Selection!  The selection available in stores is usually quite limited.  As a professional, we have access to high-grade safety products that not only give you more options, but also better quality products which in turn will last much longer! Many parents seek items that are not only safe but also eco-friendly and non-toxic products for baby.
  4. Problem Solvers!  Due to the knowledge, experience, and access to products we have we are able to devise solutions for even the most challenging childproofing situations
  5. Product Development!  We are the experts!  Because of this, many times manufacturers will come to us for input to help develop and enhance their safety products.
  6. Installation!  Having safety devices installed properly ensures they function correctly.  Not only that, but also with minimal damage to railings, banisters, baseboard, etc.
  7. Code of Ethics!  Being active members of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) commits us to a Code of Ethics in order to help maintain high industry standards
  8. Save Money!  Having a professional who can recommend the right type of safety device the first time can help you avoid trial and error purchases.
  9. Save Time!  Again, having the right product as well as being able to have a professional childproofer install the products for you quickly and efficiently since they have the experience saves you time, giving you more time to spend with your family!
  10. Staying Up To Date!  Maintaining partnerships within the field helps us stay up to date on the most current products and can bring awareness to new or hidden dangers within your home

All of the above situations are the exact reasons a professional childproofing can benefit you! Yes, there of course is an expense involved.  However, instead of an “expense” think of it as an “investment”.  Investing in not only the safety of your child, but also peace of mind in knowing it’s done correctly.

Guest post by Shane McNulty / Owner of Child Safe Childproofing

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  1. Not many new parents would ever think to hire a professional baby-proofing service, but the article does raise quite a few points about why they might be helpful. After all, baby-proofing is essential to making sure that your newborn child stays as safe as possible. By hiring a professional baby-proofing service you can make sure that any safety features are properly installed and that you haven’t missed any spots in your home.

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