How to Prevent Your Child from Being a Left in a Hot Car

How to Prevent Your Child from Being a Left in a Hot Car Statistic

Every year, dozens of children die after being left in a hot car on a hot day. July is typically the month with the most hot car deaths.

Guest post by Logan Strain

The heat from a warm day is quickly captured in a parked car, causing the temperature to spike to 130 degrees fahrenheit or higher. Children who are exposed to extreme temperatures can die of heat stroke.  These deaths are especially tragic because of how preventable they are. The caregiver almost never intends to harm the child. Most of them time they simply forget that their child is in the car, or they underestimate just how dangerous the heat is.

To raise awareness about this epidemic, Instant Checkmate created this infographic. It reveals some of the most shocking facts about hot cars. For example, did you know that the most dangerous month for kids in hot cars is July? Or that children who are less than one year old are most at risk?

Check out these sobering facts and share the infographic to spread awareness. We’d love to hear from you: comment below on what you think; have you ever forgotten your child in the car, even if only to walk away a few feet and remember?

left in a hot car

Logan Strain is with Instant Checkmate’s Crimewire and is kind to allow us to share this infographic with you.

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