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firework safety
06/30 2018
Fourth of July Fireworks Safety

Fourth of July is a day of fun. From spending time with friends and family to frolicking in the water be it ocean, lake or pool. And to top it all off, there...

fire safety
10/13 2016
Involving Kids in Fire Safety

This week is national fire prevention week. Why is fire safety an important topic for a child safety blog?In 2014, 249 children from birth to age 14 died in fires; the fifth most...

swimming drowning
06/04 2015
Keep Your Summer Water Safe

It's time for summertime fun and staying cool in the water. Learn these water safety tips. Guest blog by Angela Beale, American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council, Aquatics SubcouncilTest your water smarts with this...

swimming and drowning
05/21 2015
Drowning: The Fast and Silent Killer

Guest post by Dr. Linda QuanSummer is just around the corner and the weather is getting nice enough to send us to swimming pools, beaches and lakes. Are you prepared with knowing what...

play in car hot cars
05/14 2015
Heat Stroke: It could not happen to us……

A powerful, personal story about heat stroke and how easily it can happen so unintentionally and so tragically.We were a typical all-American family. Mom, Dad, two sons, a daughter and two miniature dachshunds...

child doing crunches
12/18 2014
Diastasis Recti in Children?

Have you been looking to lose that Mummy Tummy ever since that last baby of yours? Did you know it could be the results of Diastasis Recti—separated outer abdominal muscles? Did you know...

swim safety
06/12 2014
Summer Time = Swim Time

And that equals learning about swim safety.Of course we all know the potential dangers around pools.The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that nearly 400 pool and spa drownings occur each year...