child passenger safety — pregnancy
10/04 2018
Missing Stage in Child Passenger Safety — Pregnancy

"The major role that motor vehicle injuries have on reported traumatic fetal injury deaths was shown and a significant new challenge for child passenger safety advocates is indicated." – Professor Hank Weiss concludes...

history of car seats
09/06 2018
The General History of Car Seats: Then and Now

Originally "child seats" started out as nothing more than burlap sacks with a drawstring that hung over the headrest on the passenger’s seat. People designed early car seats simply to lift the child...

08/30 2018
Twin Pregnancy: What to Consider

This visual shows you images on what your babies will look like month by month during a twin pregnancy and it will also give you some insight on what you will experience week...

top pregnancy books
08/23 2018
Top Pregnancy Books

First pregnancy or subsequent pregnancy, it seems moms can never get enough info on the what to expect when and where is the baby in development now questions. From day-to-day here's your pregnancy...

keep our children safe online
08/16 2018
How to Keep our Children Safe Online

There's a whole new world from when many of us parents grew up. And that world is called the Internet! Our children have access to...

school bus safety
08/09 2018
School Bus Safety: Is it Time for Improvements?

Every day, millions of American children ride a bus to and from school. Unfortunately, school bus accidents result in numerous injuries reported each year. Typically, the standards for school bus safety are only...