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It depends. RVs present some unique challenges, design features and benefits. Lets start with the challenges:

  1. To the best of our knowledge only the front two seats are considered “motor vehicle seats” and the rest, though they may have a lap seat belt, are not regulated by federal standards. I may be mistaken on this and the only way to know for sure for your vehicle is to talk to the manufacturer about your make and model to find out.
  2. In a lap only belt the RideSafer requires the use of the tether strap which comes included with the RideSafer Delight. The challenge in an RV is that it likely does not have tether anchor points for you to connect to. If we are talking a “dining table” type bench seat you may also be limited by not having access to the area under and behind the bench seat. IF you have a “captains chair” life gets a little easier by using the EATAL accessory to create a tether anchor point.

A few things about about RVs and their design:

  1. RV’s are much larger than passenger cars which works to their advantage should you ever be involved in a crash with another car. Plus, they are very visible.
  2. Most car crashes occur in the city versus out on the highway where traffic is typically traveling in the same direction on a divided highway. When crashes do occur on a highway they are typically a “leaving the road scenario” and the goal is to keep everyone inside the vehicle. If they are a head on scenario, you will want everyone to be optimally restrained to increase survivability.
  3. RVs have, statistically, very low probability of being involved in a crash versus passenger cars.

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