How to Stay Focused while Driving when You Are Pregnant

stay focused driving pregnant

guest post by Lucy Benton

Once you find out you are pregnant, it is natural to start thinking about the safety of the little bun in the oven. You will very likely start avoiding any types of situations that might endanger the baby, such as lifting heavy things or exercising too hard. Your doctor may even tell you that driving is risky as well. But sometimes we simply cannot hit the pause button on our lives and stay at home until the baby arrives.

One study even proves that pregnant women are more prone to traffic accidents than those who are not. Yes, your bodies are going through many changes during this period, and you might experience tiredness and lack of concentration. But is there a way to drive safely while being pregnant? How do you stay focused on the traffic?

pregnancy and seatbeltsPlan ahead

Reducing the stress while driving is quite important for pregnant women. So the best thing you can do is to plan your stops ahead. Your body is going through a lot so you might get tired quickly, or you simply have to go to the bathroom more often. The drives will become longer and you might feel the urge to speed up every now and then just to get to your destination faster.

Therefore, you need to take all of these factors into a consideration before you hit the road, especially if you will be driving for hours in order to arrive in time for a holiday celebration. It is a good thing to be familiar with the road you will be taking because you can map out the potential rest stops. You should also leave your home earlier and take your time because driving fast is certainly not a smart move while you are pregnant.

Remove the distractions

All drivers should stay away from the distractions while they are on the move. You simply cannot be focused on the traffic while texting or talking on the phone. So think about your biggest distractors, and try your best to eliminate them. For instance, don’t eat while you are behind the wheel and communicate with your passengers less.

If there are children in the back seat, find a way to keep them entertained while you are driving. They can become restless or start crying if you are traveling for hours, especially during the holiday season when they are eager to get home as soon as possible and open up their presents. So invest in an affordable tablet and allow them to play games, or watch cartoons. You will be able to keep your eyes on the road and keep everyone in the car safe.

Staying hydrated

Drinking a lot of water will do wonders for both your health during the pregnancy and concentration. It will also reduce the feeling of tiredness, especially while driving. So stack up on water bottles before you embark on your journey, and take a sip every now and then. It will keep you energized and focused. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can include a couple of flavored kinds just to have some variety.

Of course, you might need to visit the restroom often if you drink a lot of fluids, so make sure you have time to stop. If you start feeling nervous because you have to take frequent breaks, try to breathe deeply before you continue your journey. According to Matt Curry, who is a yoga teacher at Assignmenthelper, focusing on your breath will help you with the concentration.

Inform your family

If you are traveling to see your family for the holidays, call them before you start driving and let them know when you plan to arrive. You will probably feel calmer knowing that they are aware you are in your car if something unexpected happens. Additionally, they will not call or text you while you are behind the wheel because the sound of a ringing phone can lower your concentration. Make sure you mention to your friends and work colleagues when you plan to be on the road because they might try to reach you as well.

Remain focused

While there are numerous safety measures you need to go over before you hit the road during the holiday season, being focused while driving should be your top priority. You need to learn how to position the seat belt to fit you and purchase a Tummy Shield to add extra protection for you and your baby. Making sure your eyes are always on the road is most crucial.

There is no need to change your daily routines, and you can safely drive your car while being pregnant. Just make sure you are comfortable, especially if you are taking a long drive during the holiday season, and stay focused on the road ahead!

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