Firefighter Challenges Parents-to-be with Just in Case Message

Firefighter Challenges Parents-to-be with Just in Case Message

As people and as parents we do so many things “just in case”.

We buy car insurance, health insurance, home owner’s insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, even pet insurance. We pay an extra couple hundred dollars a year to insure our cell phones just in case we break it. We buy cars with high safety ratings just in case.

Some parents have their children avoid monkey bars and trampolines just in case. Most of us parents use car seats for our children just in case. While moms-to-be are pregnant, they stay away from certain foods and have someone else clean out the litter box, just in case.

What else can moms-to-be do “just in case” when they are driving?

For moms-to-be driving during pregnancy, we recommend using the Tummy Shield — just in case.

pregnant driving just in caseSafe Ride 4 Kids recently got a message from woman who just lost her baby due to injuries the baby sustained during a car crash. She said the seat belt caused her baby girl to suffer a fractured skull which resulted in irreversible brain damage. And she wished she knew about the Tummy Shield prior to her crash. (We have more on her story here. Have some tissues on hand, especially if you are pregnant already.)

The Tummy Shield is like an insurance policy for your unborn baby or as we like to call it “Baby’s First Car Seat™”.  Like any insurance or car seat you hope you never have a need for it but you get it, you know this one, just — —-, because you never know when something tragic will happen and you have to be ready before it does. And because the statistics are so high for the number of pregnancies lost in car crashes—an estimated 3,000 a year—you want to make driving during pregnancy as safe as possible.

As a firefighter focused on injury prevention, Tummy Shield is the first step — Baby’s First Car Seat — in protecting your child.

We want to know, what do you do “just in case” ? How many insurance policies do you have? Share your comments below.

By Greg Durocher, CEO at Safe Ride 4 Kids and certified CPS Technician Instructor since 2002

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