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Pictures Explain Car Seat Safety Rules

Have you ever asked yourself: Why exactly should I keep my child rear-facing as long as possible? Why is it so important for me to use and install my car seat the way it was intended to? Does it really make a difference?

If you’ve been wondering about this (and even if not) you should take a look at the infographic below.  It was created by a physicist, an engineer, and a child passenger safety technician from Parenting Pod, in order to illustrate the importance of using a car seat correctly.

What you will learn from the infographic:

  • Crash dynamics: Why a car crash really involves 3 crashes
  • How we protect ourselves from those crashes and minimize injury
  • Why a seat belt does not offer adequate protection for children (it turns out that the force felt by a child during a crash can be ten times the force felt by astronauts when launched into space!)
  • A simple explanation of how exactly a car seat reduces force, and how the different components of the car seat work (it’s physics, but illustrated in a way that anyone can understand)
  • How to ensure your child is properly protected (use these basic steps as a checklist when placing, installing and using your car seat)
  • Why you should rear-face your child as long as possible (hint: during the most common car collisions, your child’s car seat offers more protection when rear-facing)

car seat safety rulesWhy is this infographic so important?

Because most parents don’t use car seats correctly.

This happens not because they want to hurt their child, but because they are unaware of what they are doing wrong and why it’s so important to use a car seat in the right way.

This week is child passenger safety week.  Use it to educate yourself and other parents about the proper use of car seats. One day this knowledge may save a life.

Rachel Fink is a blogger at Parenting Pod, a site committed to educating parents on health and safety. She is also a mom of 7 cute kids. Her best tip for raising a large family while keeping your sanity is to keep around a large stash of coffee, chocolate, and wine.

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