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01/03 2019
Self-Driving Cars: Will We Be Safer?

You may have seen the term "Self-Driving Cars" a lot more in recent times. Technology is reaching the point where we, as a human race, are no longer performing common daily tasks. Instead,...

safest cars on a budget
10/12 2017
Safer cars on a budget: 5 family picks for 2017

guest post by Robert LovellWhen this blog posted about the family cars performing best on safety in 2016 – which, unsurprisingly, was around this time last year – a few important caveats were...

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06/25 2015
Vehicle Safety Improvements = Declining Numbers of Deaths

Vehicle safety is the first and probably biggest step toward occupant safety.In recent years auto manufacturers have been implementing changes to increase vehicle safety. Some of those changes have been urged by National...