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winter coats and car seats
12/20 2018
Winter Coats and Car Seats

'Tis the season for dealing with winter coats and car seats for our young ones. It's getting cold! And it will officially be winter in a matter of days. Really, the time is a...

using the car seat harness correctly
01/26 2017
Using the Car Seat Harness Correctly

Learning to use the Car Seat Harness correctly is important as various incorrect usage are four of the most common car seat mistakes parents make.After selecting the right car seat for your child's...

car seat harness straps
12/05 2014
Car Seat Harness Straps

After the car seat not being installed tightly enough, car seat harness straps misuse is the next most common error found in car seat use.Using the car seat harness straps in the child...