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car seat safety answers
01/18 2018
Car Seat Safety Quiz Answers

How many car seat safety answers did you get right? Answers: 1. When does car seat safety begin? Actually D.Many people think you don’t need to worry about...

prepare your car for baby
12/22 2016
6 Smart Steps to Prepare Your Car for Baby?

guest post by David Moss Planning ahead now for the arrival of a baby represents an intelligent choice. If you will welcome an infant into your household...

RideSafer crotch strap
11/13 2015
RideSafer 2 Crotch Strap

Why is there a Crotch Strap with RideSafer? And what is it's purpose? And do I need to use it? Watch this video to find...

car seat center seat
02/19 2015
Where Should You Put Your Car Seat?

You are getting ready for your first baby, YAY!, and now you need to know where to put your car seat in the car. The safest...

car seat locking clip
12/26 2014
What Is It and Why Do I Need It?

The Locking Clip A locking clip is a metal I-shaped piece that is included with most child restraint seats. Most seats have a place on the...