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rear-facing recommendations
01/31 2019
Rear-facing recommendations, are they changing?

Yes, in as much as the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that babies should remain rear-facing until they reach the maximum height and weight allowed by the car seat manufacturer.Previously their...

using the car seat harness correctly
01/24 2019
Using the Car Seat Harness Correctly

Learning to use the Car Seat Harness correctly is important as various incorrect usage are four of the most common car seat mistakes parents make.After selecting the right car seat for your child's...

car seat laws
11/10 2016
Law vs. Best Practice in Child Restraints

What is the difference between child restraint law vs. best practice? Most parents and caregivers assume the law is the safest and what is recommended by safety experts. However, this is not necessarily the...

stage 2 car seat forward facing
10/09 2014
Car Seat Best Practice, Proper Use and Reality

Where does your car seat practice fall? Likely somewhere in between car seat best practice and legal minimums. Car Seat Best Practice according to NHTSA:Use the correct car seat for child and vehicle...