Updated Car Seat Laws

rear-facing recommendations
01/31 2019
Rear-facing recommendations, are they changing?

Yes, in as much as the American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that babies should remain rear-facing until they reach the maximum height and weight allowed by the car seat manufacturer.Previously their...

change car seat laws
12/15 2016
More States Change Car Seat Laws for Rear-Facing Longer

While child passenger safety technicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics has long been recommending that parents keep their children rear-facing past age one, more states are finally changing their laws to require...

child restraint laws
07/23 2015
3 States Update Their Child Restraint Laws

Kentucky, New Jersey and Oklahoma made updates to their Child Restraint Laws recently. Here we'll explain the updates in normal language, instead of legalese. Kentucky House Bill 315 amends KRS 189.125 for the "booster age" child....