tummy shield

Tummy Shield™


The Tummy Shield™ makes driving while pregnant much more comfortable and increases safety for mom and baby in case of a crash by safely diverting the seat belt away from pregnant belly.

RideSafer Delight trave vest car seat

RideSafer® Delight Travel Vest


Revolutionary child restraint that is easy to use, safe and convenient. This one vest solves so many car seat challenges parents find themselves in like traveling with kids or fitting 3 across the back seat.

RideSafer Delighter Booster seat

Delighter Booster Seat


Delighter Booster is one of the lightest full-size backless boosters made with foam instead of plastic for children to ride safely and more comfortably. Crash tested for use with the RideSafer vest.

cardiff headrest

Cardiff Headrest


The Cardiff Booster Seat Headrest is an innovative headrest to provide support and comfort for children who fall asleep in cars (and their parents find them falling over).

cardiff headrest
kids id bracelet

SmartKids ID Bracelet


SmartKids ID bracelets can be used as an ID or medical bracelet and give your child the right protection when away from home! Unique QR code engraved on every bracelet.

SmartKids Id
ridesafer eatal

RideSafer® EATAL


A crash tested accessory that creates a tether anchor point when the vehicle does not offer one for use with the RideSafer® 2 and tether strap.

ridesafer tether

RideSafer® Tethers


For use with a RideSafer® 2 Travel Vest when child is secured with a lap-only belt or for extra upper body support and restraint.

buckle guard

Buckle Boss® Belt Guard


The Buckle Boss® Belt Guard helps prevent kids from releasing a seat belt buckle while a vehicle is in motion. Ideal for parents of special needs children.