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Keeping Kids Safer and Findable with SmartKids ID Bracelets and Shoe Tags

  • 90% of families will experience losing a child in a public place, most often in malls and stores
  • 20% of those families have lost a child more than once
  • 27% of families lose a child at an amusement park
  • And yet only 9% of parents use some form of an ID on their child.

It just takes a split second!

A parent missing a child is often in a panic which slows the process of gathering information about their child often to more than 2 hours during the most critical time of locating a child, the first 3 hours.

One way to protect your child from the trauma of getting lost by reuniting him with you quickly is using an ID bracelet.

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Helping Your Child Return to You Faster

SmartKids ID Bracelets are the perfect solution to keep your child safe when on the go, combining the QR Code technology with a 24/7 toll free Help Hotline. Every first responder or helper with a Smartphone can access your child’s medical information as quickly as possible by scanning the code and everyone with a phone can call the toll free number to reconnect you with your child!

In addition you can use SmartKidsID to store your child’s important ID information (incl. photograph, physical description and identifying marks), at no cost, on a password protected and secure personal profile page.

  • Access your child’s ID information fast from anywhere – anytime
  • Unlimited editing of your child’s profile worldwide 365/24/7 (e.g. change contact phone number when on vacation or change to teachers number when going on field trip etc.)
  • Select how much information is viewable to helpers vs. readily available to provide to authorities in case of missing child.
  • QR-Code keeps ID information private from casual onlookers
  • QR-Code accessible from every smartphone with QR-Code Scanner (download any for free in App Store)

Important and possibly lifesaving information about your child is easily accessible to every helper or first responder.

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How it works

  • Every SmartKids ID product with its unique QR-Code can directly be connected to a child’s individual profile page.
  • To access the information that is safely hidden behind the QR-Code a helper can scan the code with any smartphone.
  • If the helper doesn’t have a scanner, he/she will be able to enter the ID-Code that is below the QR-Code on our website in the box “Found Someone?” or call a 24/7 Help Hotline we recently added!
  • The second the helper scans your child’s ID our system will generate a notification email to the parent with name and phone number of helper.
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Additional Details

  • For use as ID bracelet or Medical bracelet
  • Unique QR-Code engraved on every bracelet.
  • Can be tightly secured with Velcro.
  • Has to be activated with secret code.