Guest Posting - Safe Ride 4 Kids

Guest posting for Safe Ride 4 Kids

Yes, we do accept guest posts. No, we do not pay for them nor do we accept payment for them.

Please note: We only schedule one guest post per month on a first submitted, first scheduled basis. New submissions may not be scheduled to post for up to 3, or even more, months.

We expect them to be relevant to our topics of interest and audience and something fresh to us so review our previous blog posts.

For us to consider a guest post please provide all 4 of the following via email to Amie (at) with the subject line “Blog query for SR4K”:

  1. 1-2 story ideas that are relevant for our site and audience and not something we’ve already written so please review our content
  2. 1-2 sentence detailed summary about each topic (sometimes it’s hard to tell the direction you want to go with just a title)
  3. 1-2 samples of your work elsewhere
  4. where do you reside and who are you writing for?

Due to number of queries we receive, if you query us without the all of the 3 pieces of information above and subject line or via any other method, we will not respond (no matter how many times you email 😊)!

Now Scheduling Guest Posts For:

  • April 2020
    • Theme: Car seat safety – article pending, will continue to accept queries until article is submitted and approved
  • May 2020
    • Themes: Pregnancy safety going into Mother’s Day and swim safety/summer travel – article pending, will continue to accept queries until article is finalized
  • June 2020
    • Theme: Car seat safety/summer travel
  • July 2020
    • Theme: TBD

If you are looking for story ideas, here’s a few we want:

  • New rules for hot car deaths warning system
  • Unrestrained children/passengers
  • New mommy safe driving, are new moms more prone to crashes? Why?
  • Using car seats in shopping carts

If we agree on one of your story ideas we will need:

  1. a unique post at least 750 words (we will check for duplicate copy)
  2. a short text-only bio
  3. a separate 1200 pixel wide horizontal color image as a JPG file to go with the post (a copy of the image in a word doc does not suffice), if the image includes a car seat it needs to depict correct use
  4. photo credit information (name and stock agency if it’s a stock photo)

Assuming the article:

    • is found relevant to our primarily American audience and our subject matter,
    • something we can be in integrity with,
    • uses proper spelling and grammar,
    • is interesting, informative and/or entertaining,
    • passes duplicate content check,

we will add it to our editorial schedule at a suitable time.

We reserve the right to edit all guest posts, including links. The links need to be relevant to the information. If the links seem like too many or inappropriate or spammy, we will delete and/or change the links. Remember our audience is 90% US so resource links need to be to US businesses and resources. You can link to your international business in your bio.

We will add at least one internal link. It will be appreciated if you add an internal link as you see fit in your post.

If accepted and posted, Safe Ride 4 Kids owns the content of the blog post. You are welcome to link to the post from your site or other sites but you need permission from Safe Ride 4 Kids in order to reuse the post elsewhere.

We will let you know as soon as we receive and review the article. Depending on our editorial schedule, this may take a few days or a couple weeks. Please do not email to ask if we have reviewed it prior to two weeks after sending it.

We also may request reciprocity (link or article), so please let us know if that’s possible and from which site.