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Updated: 1/10/2018

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are strong believers in straight-forward and honest communication. For the quickest results contact us here.


Fundraising with Safe Ride 4 Kids is easy and can be profitable depending on your community. We’ve worked with schools, gymnastics gyms and more.

How does fundraising work?

  • Your organization decides to partner with us
  • You fill out the form below and get set up in our system as a fundraising referral partner
  • You get a unique URL to our website
  • You share our website and products with your community using your unique URL
  • Your audience (and their friends and family anywhere) come to our website through your link and find safety solutions they never knew existed
  • Your audience buys and we track the purchase to your code
  • We donate $10 to your organization for every sale of one of our featured products that comes through your link
    • If a product is returned and refunded, the “commission” is removed prior to donation.
    • Donations will be paid on a monthly basis for the month two months prior, ie. your organization receives a donation in May for sales completed in March.
    • Donations will be paid through a registered PayPal account or via check to the address on file.
  • You send us a receipt for the donation


• $10 donation per product

• 60 day cookie duration

• Customers’ for future purchases tracked to Organization

• Dedicated affiliate management

• Donation tracking

• Donations sent monthly via Paypal or check

• Variety of creative assets and support as needed

Items for Fundraising Auctions

We also make one item available a month to donate for fundraising auctions. This is first come, first serve so if you are planning an auction, contact us far ahead of time.If you are auctioning a RideSafer, we will either send you the product itself or we will offer the winner a choice of size and color of the vest when it makes more sense. So we will send you:

  • product:
    • a RideSafer vest
    • a handful of flyers with your unique referral code other parents can pick up so that if they order a vest later, your organization will get a donation from Safe Ride 4 Kids as stated above
  • choice:
    • a Winner’s certificate with a unique promo code that can be used one time for a free vest
    • an information sheet you can put in a stand for the auction table
    • a handful of flyers with your unique referral code other parents can pick up so that if they order a vest later, your organization will get a donation from Safe Ride 4 Kids as stated above

Your organization’s representative will also have access to your account page in our system, where they can track results and where they will find some resources to utilize and maximize the reach of your promotional efforts. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to raise funds for your organization by helping us share our products.

Why are we doing this?

Greg Durocher, president of Safe Ride 4 Kids, comes from an 18-year career in the fire service. During his years as a firefighter/paramedic he became passionate about injury prevention and car seat safety. We started our business with the intention of bringing parents innovative and safe solutions for travel in the car. We intend to make a difference in the world, and we want our company to be built around that intention. We created an opportunity for the sharing of our products to benefit local organizations which are doing great work in their communities.

What are our feature products?

We currently have 2 featured products:

  • The RideSafer® Travel Vest is an FMVSS-213 certified child safety restraint that is used in vehicles. The RideSafer® vest is an Easy, Safe, Convenient and Legal alternative to conventional boosters and car seats. It is great to use for travel, play dates, 3 across and more.
  • The Tummy Shield™ is a revolutionary seat belt positioning device designed to protect pregnant moms and their babies from the very real dangers posed by the vehicle’s seat belt. These dangers exist even when the seat belt is used according to best practice recommendations. It also makes wearing the seat belt later in pregnancy much more comfortable.


Your organization must be approved by the Company before your participation in Safe Ride 4 Kids’ Fundraising Program. Company reserves the right to withhold or refuse approval for any reason or for no reason. Approval may be withdrawn by Company, at any time for any reason. Fundraisers found to have zero optins or orders for a period of 3 calendar years will be automatically removed from the program.



Information for donations:

We put a short URL on print materials for your fundraiser. It is structured like this: Please choose what you what for
Review our privacy policy.

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