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fox 5 tummy shield media mentions
March 15, 2017

Spring Break Travel Tips

New Mommy Media share Tummy Shield on Fox 5 saying moms-to-be are concerned about safety and driving too and seat belts aren’t designed for pregnant women.

buzzfeed tummy shield media mention
January 10, 2017

17 New Parenting Products That Are Impressively Clever

“This pregnancy seatbelt that protects your baby in the event of a crash by redirecting the seat belt away from your belly.”

ktla 5 tummy shield media mention
December 15, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas with ‘Safety Girl’ Jenna Barnett

“A must-have gift for moms-to-be! Experts in the field say seat belts just aren’t made for pregnant women, as they pose a serious risk.”

healthy mama tummy shield media mention
April 26, 2016

Safe Driving During Pregnancy: Is It Just a Matter of Wearing a Seatbelt?

“Not once did any of the doctors or midwives bring up the safety concerns of driving during pregnancy. This should be surprising considering the statistics…”

pathways tummy shield media mention
November 4, 2016

Are You Keeping Your Unborn Baby Safe in the Car?

Did you know there are an estimated 3,000 pregnancies lost every year because of car crashes? That is 3,000 expecting moms who never get to hold their baby in their arms.

newswheel tummy shield media mention
December 29, 2016

Review of Tummy Shield: Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Positioner

“The Tummy Shield is a noble and important invention that isn’t just a ‘car gadget’ but brilliantly reworks the seat belt to make it safer and more secure for pregnant mothers and their unborn children.”

all about babys world tummy shield media mentions
March 7, 2017

Tummy Shield Pregnancy Seatbelt Adjuster Review

“Not every single car accident involving a pregnant woman end in miscarriage, but some do. If there is an easy, effective and safe way to prevent this, I am 100% for it.”

healthy mom & baby tummy shield media mention
October 5, 2012

Car crashes are the single largest cause of death for pregnant women and the leading cause of traumatic fetal injury. Tummy Shield is designed to reduce that risk.


News In the Press


Fox 5 San Diego

3/15/17 New Mommy Media features Tummy Shield in their Spring Break Travel Tips for keeping pregnant women safer during travels because “she’s concerned about safety and driving too.”

parenting OC tummy shield media mentionsParenting OC

3/10/17 In What’s Hot section, they say “it makes sense to protect that bump with a belt that secures over the thighs rather than across the belly or hips.”

The Global Now

1/13/17 Tummy Shield is among the 10 New Parenting Products That Will Change Your Life, saying it’s “definitely worth every dollar!”


1/10/17 BuzzFeed lists Tummy Shield among the 17 Incredibly Cool Parenting Product You Need in 2017! We’re #7 on their list!


everyday family tummy shield media mentionEveryday Family

8/26/16 Everyday Family updated their article and added a recommendation to consider using Tummy Shield for safer and more comfortable driving during pregnancy.

AKA Mom Magazine

February 2016 This article “Car Safety Essentials that Keep Baby (and Mom) Protected” explains how the goal of the Tummy Shield is to protect expecting moms and their unborn children. “As moms enter their second trimester, the baby moves up and in front of the hip bones, so the “lap” part of the seat belt doesn’t do much good to protect mom and baby.”


Moms Magazine

11/5/15 Driving during pregnancy is not so black and white. CPS Technician Amie Durocher shares how her experience matches the statistics of how few women discuss driving while pregnant and the risks involved.

Pathways Magazine

6/10/15 Are you keeping your baby safe in the car? This article by Safe Ride 4 Kids’ CEO Greg Durocher, shares some of the statistics about driving during pregnancy and some tips to stay safer.

fox 31 media mentionFox 31 Everyday Show

3/11/15 Thousands of pregnancies are lost every year in car crashes. The best practice to protect pregnant women has been to wear the seat belt as low as possible below the belly. But now there’s another alternative for pregnant female drivers and passengers. It’s called the Tummy Shield. Greg Durocher, the CEO of Safe Ride 4 Kids, is here to tell us about it.


KTLA 5 Morning News

2/15/14 Jenna Barnett, the Safety Girl, shows which products make the best gifts for the holidays, including the Tummy Shield.

Yahoo Voices (Link is no longer active)

6/16/14 Products that help you protect your belly while pregnant, including the Tummy Shield for car and seat belt safety during pregnancy.

LA Splash Magazines

May 2014 Tummy Shield was listed in the magazine’s gift guide.

Parent Guide News Nassau

April 2014 Listed in the Travel Product Guide (pg 60).


Healthy Mom & Baby

12/1/13 Listed in the Baby Gear Product Guide (pg 62).

Reviews on Blogs


The Complete Herbal Guide

4/4/17 “We gave the product to a pregnant woman at the end of her first trimester.  She’s been using the Tummy shield for several weeks and she says, she loves it!”

My Sparkling Life

3/30/17 “So if you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant, you know the seat belt struggle…yea the one where you’re constantly redirecting the seatbelt off of your enormous baby tummy…I was actually in an accident when was just a month or two pregnant with my second baby and was terrified that something would happen to him…thankfully he was fine. You’ll spend hundreds in car seats to protect your baby after it’s born yet unborn babies are at at least 5 times the risk in the car.”

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things

3/21/17 “One of your biggest investments will be a car seat for your little one. But, what about while they are still in your tummy? Did you know that your baby is more at risk IN your belly than after you have them?  Now with the Tummy Shield™ you can [protect your] baby while you are driving. ”

All About Baby’s World

3/7/17 “I am in my third trimester. Wearing a seat belt has become uncomfortable. Thanks to the Tummy Shield I can now comfortably and safely wear my seatbelt again!”

chick driven tummy shield media mentionChick Driven

2/15/17 “The Tummy Shield is an invention that reworks the seatbelt to make it safer and more secure for pregnant mothers and their unborn children. …. So do pregnant women REALLY need a special seatbelt? Yes!”

24/7 Moms

2/14/17 “If you’re expecting, here are a couple must-have products to help you love your bump this holiday and throughout your entire pregnancy. …. Hundreds of successful crash tests show the Tummy Shield complies with and surpasses current car safety standards.”


The News Wheel

12/29/16 “The Tummy Shield is a noble and important invention that isn’t just a “car gadget” but brilliantly reworks the seatbelt to make it safer and more secure for pregnant mothers and their unborn children. Granted, it’s a short purchase for a lot of money, but so is 90% of what you buy for your baby.”

Taking the Kids

11/30/16 The article describes how it isn’t just the little ones in the backseats that need to stay safely strapped in during a road trip but also expectant mothers.

Mom Blog Society

11/23/16 The 7-month pregnant tester says of the Tummy Shield pregnancy seat belt positioner, “This innovative product has helped to keep some of my anxiety at bay. Knowing that my unborn baby girl is being kept as safe as possible is a great feeling.”

80mph tummy shield media mention80mph Mom

11/4/16 Review (and giveaway) of the Tummy Shield maternity seat belt protector; she says, “It’s frightening being pregnant sometimes, because all you want to do is protect your baby. One way to protect the baby is The Tummy Shield!”

The Stuff of Success

10/25/16 Of the 40 million travelers this Thanksgiving, 9 of 10 will be taking to the roads. Expectant moms need to be safe too.

Metro Mom Club

10/25/16 Just in time for Thanksgiving, 10 travel products you need now, including the Tummy Shield, which they describe as a great way for expectant moms to stay safe in the car for holiday road trips.

Parenthood & Passports

10/24/16 These traveling parents offer the top 10 travel products you didn’t even know you needed. They say the Tummy Shield is a product you should invest in before any road trip!

Home Hazard Protection

8/21/16 This child-proofing, child passenger safety company shares What Your Doctor or Midwife May Not Know to Tell You About Driving While Pregnant.

slidell tummy shield media mentionSlidell Memorial Hospital

7/8/16 In the article “Pregnancy and Driving Safety”, Amie Durocher shares the topic only about 1 out of 4 OBs discuss with their pregnant patients and why it’s so important to learn more about it — driving during pregnancy and using seat belts.

Healthy Mama

4/26/16 Safe Driving During Pregnancy: Is It Just a Matter of Wearing a Seatbelt? CPS Technician Amie Durocher answers this question with facts every pregnant woman should know to be safer when driving while pregnant.


Welcome Baby Darling

4/30/15 Greg Durocher briefly touches on the facts about safety for expecting moms when they are driving in The Truth About the Safety of Driving During Pregnancy for their mom-to-be audience.

It’s a Mom’s Life—Prego & Mommy Chat

1/30/15 “Easy installation, easy usage, comfortable,and the best part that it increases safety for myself and my baby. I have to say the Tummy Shield is definitely something I recommend and will continue to use throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.”


Diastasis Rehab

12/18/14 RN, Childbirth Educator and Certified Personal Trainer, Julie Tupler, shares with her audience about the dangers of driving while pregnant and the Tummy Shield™ solution.


Travel with Tots

“It is really comfy to use and I feel so much safer when traveling in the car now.” This statement about sums it up. She also talks about why the price makes sense and is very much worth it.