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wall street journal ridesafer media mention
May 23, 2016

A Parents’ Guide to Packing Light: Baby Gear For an Easier Vacation

The RideSafer Travel Vest is the better solution than traveling with a car seat or renting one.

macaroni kid media mention
February 23, 2017

The RideSafer Travel Vest: A Booster Seat Alternative for Traveling

“Sit down, parents. This is a game changer!” The RideSafer is easy, portable and the kids love them.

conde nast ridesafer media mention
October 5, 2012

Travel Car Seats: 5 Tips for Your Next Trip

Consider an alternative, like the RideSafer, for car rides or hopping in and out of taxis

newsmom ridesafer media mention
February 9, 2016

Why I’m Changing My Taxi-With-Kids Habits

The Ride Safer vest is a “handy little crash-tested wonder” which easily straps on and guides the lap and shoulder belt into a safe position.

carseat.org ridesafer media mention
February 17, 2016

The Safety Bubble of the Taxi / Uber Back Seat

Traveling with kids is hard, especially keeping them safe in the car, RideSafer is one of the options that is safe and convenient.

fox 9 ridesafer media mention
June 2015

7 products to keep the kids busy while traveling

Mommy blogger shares her favorite travel products on Fox 9 Twin Cities Minneapolis.

car seats for littles ridesafer media mention
September 17, 2013

Ride Safer Travel Vest Review

Two perspectives of the RideSafer: a car seat technician mom and a non-technician mom. Both like the vest for different reasons.

October 5, 2012

RideSafer saves you from lugging a car seat through the airport or checking it. “It’s lightweight, portable design is easy to travel with.”


News In the Press


gatehouse ridesafer media mentionGatehouse Media

8/14/16 The RideSafer is featured in their A La Carte gift guide for must-have back to school products.


5/14/16 The RideSafer is listed in the Good Products section for the summer issue, saying it’s good for summer travels.

The Wall Street Journal

5/23/16 The RideSafer Travel Vest makes the cut as the better solution than traveling with a car seat or renting one in their article entitled “A Parent’s Guide to Packing Light: Baby Gear for an Easier Vacation.”


2/9/16 NewsMom consists of news and reviews from reporters who are also moms and dads. This story is about why a mom living in Asia decided to change her taxi with kids habits and start using the Ride Safer Travel Vest.


March 2016 Cardiff Headrest (and RideSafer) make it into the Spring Gift Guide. Cardiff offers support for sleeping children in the car.



7/28/15 RideSafer among the must-have gear for traveling with kids so that parents don’t have to endure the hassle of juggling car seats.

Fox 9 Twin Cities Minneapolis | St. Paul

June 2015 Mommy blogger Melissa Saigh shares her favorite travel products. She likes the RideSafer for easy travel with kids.


May 2015 How to travel safely in taxis with kids: Safety rules and car seat options in Singapore offers several car safety reminders and options for the expatriates living in Asia, particularly Singapore.

fox 31 ridesafer media mentionKDVR Everyday

February 2015 A recent study shows that nine out of 10 parents are moving their child to the adult seat belt and out of the booster seat before they’re big enough and can fit properly. It’s one of many mistakes parents are making. Camie Wewer, a Colorado Child passenger safety instructor, is here to help educate us. She shares information about the RideSafer vest too.


January 2015 Go to page 8, under the subhead “Restraints Designed for Travel”. (While that wasn’t the only intent for the creation of the RideSafer, it does certainly fill that niche.) The article says, “it’s a good option if packing a booster is impractical or if your child is almost, but not quite, ready to ride without a 5-point harnessed seat.


Fox 4 Kansas City

September 2014 Tracey Hawkins shares child safety products for National Child Passenger Safety Month, including the RideSafer Travel Vest, a portable alternative to car and booster seats. Lowers kids safely to seat belt level, is portable and comfortable.

Safe Sound Family

July 2014 Listed as one of the top 50 travel safety products for families. SR4K Note: Only use on shuttles if the shuttle has a lap and shoulder belt or a lap-only belt and you brought with you an EATAL. Also, perfect for rental car travel in addition to taxis!

Parent Guide News Manhattan

July 2014 issue, pg 25 Lightweight, easy to use child restraint is convenient way to transport children. (Also online here.)


July 2014 Best car seats for traveling with children article, “For children 30-60 pounds, we like the Ride Safer Car Seat Travel Vest for about $125 [they are picturing old model which started at $125]. It works great as an extra car seat for carpooling at home, so it is a good investment.”

LA Splash Magazine

May 2014 RideSafer is posted on their gift guides.

ExPat Living Singapore

1/14/14 Traveling via taxi with children in Singapore, recommend the RideSafer Travel Vest.


El Colombian

9/20/13 Product page: Child safety is emphasized in September (English translation included on PDF)


2/19/13 Bypass booster seats with a travel vest.


Conde Nast Traveler

10/5/12 5 Tips for Traveling with Kids who Need Car Seats, including using an alternative like the RideSafer.

Reviews on Blogs


Minnesota Baby

3/24/17 “We’ve been using our RideSafer Travel Vest for the past two years, and it has been a life-saver. We used it when we lived in Singapore, and had to rely on taxis to get around. It’s so much more convenient than lugging around a bulky car seat when we travel by plane. It’s also great for carpooling!”

Shop with Me Mama

3/13/17 “Spring Break is almost here and that means traveling! The RideSafer Delight Travel Vest is a great option to keep your little kids safe in the car.”

Macaroni Kid

2/23/17 The RideSafer is “a game changer”. The author loves the RideSafer because it’s easy, portable and the kids love them!

US Japan Fam

1/5/17 “I have to admit, I was a bit wary… Would it be safe? Would my child be secure and not squirm around? Would he be able to nap? Would it really be easy to use and lug around? Well, if you want the cliff’s notes version – YES to all of those!!! We couldn’t love it more!!!”


momtastic ridesafer media mentionMomtastic

12/7/16 RideSafer is one of the 16 genius travel hacks listed as an easy, safe travel car seat.

Mom Does Reviews

11/8/16 This mommy reviewer exclaims the RideSafer is a huge YES in her family, saying it’s perfect for on-the-go.

The Stuff of Success

10/25/16 Of the 40 million travelers this Thanksgiving, 9 of 10 will be taking to the roads. For those flying to their destination or just want more room in their cars on the road trip, the RideSafer keeps children 3 and up safe in the car without all the bulk.

Metro Mom Club

10/25/16 Just in time for Thanksgiving, 10 travel products you need now, including the RideSafer, which they describe as the perfect alternative to a traditional car seat/booster seat.

Parenthood & Passports

10/24/16 These traveling parents offer the top 10 travel products you didn’t even know you needed. They say the RideSafer is a great alternative to dragging your car seat along or renting one!


9/11/16 The RideSafer is highly recommended if you have a little one that is above 3 years old. “It has made my life a little easier. As a parent, sometimes that makes all the difference. It’s less expensive than most other car seats, and takes up way less room.”

A Grande Life

8/2/16 A Grande Life recommends RideSafer for those times when a parent is stuck in a situation traveling with family or friends and cannot figure out how to fit multiple booster/car seats in a row and safely get to their destination.

flyertalk ridesafer media mentionsFlyer Talk

6/28/16 “If your child is a bit older but you’ll need a car seat on the trip, skip the seat and buy the Safe Ride vest instead. It packs easily in a bag and will fit your child for years. The children in my family strongly prefer it anyway.”


3/4/16 This mom shares her review about using the RideSafer with a child with special needs saying, “the love definitely outweighs the difficulties for me. The struggle for special needs will always be that regardless what safety seat is utilized.”


2/17/16 Traveling with kids is hard, especially and keeping them safe in the car. When you need to taxi with your child or are taking a short drive to a resort, this article shares options, including RideSafer Travel Vest.



8/13/15 Public transportation using mom without a driver’s license finds a winning combination for back to school travels with RideSafer Travel Vest and Uber.

Brown Mom Abroad

8/6/15 About to move to Hong Kong and gave away the big, bulky car seat to replace it with the RideSafer for our travels.

Growing Up Bilingual

5/31/15 RideSafer makes her list of 10 Must Haves For Family Road Trips. She says, “I found this to be a convenient and light option that does not sacrifice safety,” about the RideSafer.

trekaroo ridesafer media mentionTrekaroo

5/15/15 One of the biggest hassles in traveling with young kids is the car seat. Car seats are heavy, bulky, and a pain to lug around. Since many places state that kids have to legally be in child restraints until age eight or older, they are a major consideration during travel for years. Enter the RideSafer Travel Vest.

Mum on the Move

May 2015 “Traveling with kids can be stressful. And exhausting.” This blog shares what she learned on her lookout for the best products she could find to help make life a little easier. RideSafer made her list of the top 10 best travel products.

Back To The Book Nutrition

4/6/15 Mention of the RideSafer in a great post about healthy snacks and other tips for traveling with kids! We agree the RideSafer is great for travel. And great to have on hand at home too, whether you’re using it as your primary child restraint or to keep on hand for playdates!

Family Fun Canadafamily fun canada ride safer media mention

3/23/15 This blog offers 5 tips with what you need to know when flying with kids and car seats, including using the RideSafer as a car seat alternative.

Minnesota Baby

3/5/15 A mom living an expat life in Singapore writes about how much she loves the RideSafer for taxis. “The RideSafer Travel Vest is a convenient, portable, and legal way to ensure your child’s safety in a vehicle when a car seat just isn’t an option.”


Diastasis Rehab

12/18/14 RN, Childbirth Educator and Certified Personal Trainer, Julie Tupler, shares with her audience about the RideSafer alternative to child restraints for those New York City moms taking their kids in taxis.

Not an Exact Science

10/22/14 The RideSafer is shown on their drive to Rocking out with Brazilian Folk Dancers. Their description of the RideSafer. Make sure to subscribe to their youtube channel and follow them as they travel around the world with their kids.

Not an Exact Science

9/17/14 The RideSafer Travel Vest is their number one tip of their 5 Ways to Travel Lighter with Kids. Make sure to subscribe so you can view all their videos as they travel around the world with their kids.

Jen’s Blah Blah Blog

7/6/14 The Ride Safer Travel Vest is one item that this writer thinks is a must have for anyone who is going to be on the go with their child.

The Nerdy Nurse

7/1/14 Tired of the hassle of switching car seats from car to car, this blogger searched for a safe alternative car seat and found (and loves) the RideSafer.

super car seat geek ridesafer media mentionsSuper Car Seat Geek

5/20/14 Traveling with kids is a challenge especially with all stuff to haul! The RSTV is a fantastic option for several situations including: travel, taxi rides, spare seat, tight 3-across configurations, bus rides and carpooling.


3/3/14 Using the RideSafer gave them more space to have mom ride in the back seat during their last trip. She says overall the Ride Safer Travel Vest is a great product for use at home and while traveling.



12/13/13 Traveling with kids can be stressful, especially at the Holidays when you might have even more baggage than usual. The Ride Safer Travel Vest is one way to lighten your load…

she buys cars ride safer media mentionSheBuysCars.com

12/13/13 Ride Safer Travel Vests Eliminates the Need to Carry Bulky Booster Seats On Your Travels


10/17/13 RideSafer vest offers easy solution to car-free mom in Chicago.


10/16/13 CPS Tech bloggers get up close and personal with new features and accessories for the RideSafer at the ABC Kids Expo 2013.

Car Seats for the Littles

9/17/13 Review from two points of view; one a car seat technician mom and one a non-technician mom. Both like the vests for various reasons. It’s a must read!

traveling moms ridesafer media mentionsTravelingMom.com

8/12/13 Review by a traveling mom about using the RideSafer while traveling, and she mentions she likes it for alternate cars like going in Grandma’s car.


5/9/13 Review by a mom blogger about taking the RideSafer on vacation.