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Gift Registry

Don’t use Start a registry now.

With MyRegistry you can add gifts from any store in the world. Just add the MyRegistry button to your browser.

Already have registries elsewhere? Sync them into one registry. is partners with all the go-to retail stores.

You can even create a cash gift fund if you already have all the “stuff”. You can use the fund for diapers, you’ll need plenty of those, or college tuition, there you are thinking ahead.

You get to personalize your with backgrounds, photos and more. Then share with your friends and family.

It’s a good way to let people know you want a Tummy Shield to keep your baby safe in the car during your pregnancy. Remember, we recommend you start using it in your second trimester if not earlier so add it now and let people know it can be an early baby shower gift.

Don’t want to wait for someone to gift it to you? We don’t blame you. Your protective mama instincts have kicked in and you want to do all you can to keep your precious one safe. We get it. Skip the registry and…Remember you can purchase now and pay over time with no fees or interest. Check out our Sezzle or Paypal Credit payment options.

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