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Tips for Kids During Long Car Rides

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Some people can sit in the car for ages, taking in the fresh air and passing scenery with good music in the background.

And then there are others that can’t stay in the same position for too long. Family road trips can be great but there’s also the possibility of them turning into a disaster. Sometimes, packing all your children’s favorite toys and books is just not enough, so here are additional tips to help both kids and parents survive those long drives.

RideSafer Travel Vest safe booster seat alternativeSwitch out your car seat with the RideSafer
Traditional car seats take up a lot of space and are generally a pain to travel with, but with RideSafer car seat vest that can easily be stored in your child’s backpack, you no longer have to worry about extra bulk. This gives the kids more room at the back to sit comfortably while still having the optimum protection they need for riding vehicles.

Ride in the backseat with your kids
If there’s space for one more in the back, forgo the passenger seat and sit with your toddlers. Having both parents sit in the front does tend to create a disconnect between the adults and children, but having one parent join the kids will distract the little ones to prevent cranky moods and boredom. Parents Magazine says that simple road trip games like patty-cake or tickling games can go a long way in these situations.

Check into a hotel before reaching your final destination
Children — and adults — can get very antsy sitting in their seat for long periods of time, especially children, so give everyone some time to stretch and energize by staying in a hotel for a few hours, overnight if you have time. This tip is especially useful when you’re heading to the airport several hours away from you and have an unsociable flight time.

Travelers usually have plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation near major aviation hubs, with some hotels even offering great parking deals. Parking4Less states that at an airport such as London’s Heathrow has on-airport car parking, which caters for people and families “who are catching an early or late flight.” With “most of the hotels having gyms, restaurants, and internet connections,” ideal for all the family to relax in after a long drive allowing them to recharge their batteries in time for their vacation.

Happy travels!

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