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Moms, Take Care of Yourself First

Fit Moms for Life is MORE than just a fitness program for moms!

Most women, and certainly all moms I know, are terrible at putting themselves first.  They often take care of everyone around them before taking care of themselves.

This very unselfish act can come at a high price.  Every day, I hear:


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“I just can’t lose this baby weight!”
“I can’t keep up with my kids.”
“I’m scared that I won’t be there for my kids when I get older.”

And the only way to change that is to learn to put yourself first.

A dear friend of mine, Mary, agreed to share her story to help inspire those of you who are ready to make a change.?? After years of self-loathing and self-doubt, Mary hit rock bottom.  At that point, she decided that things had to change—that she was worth the effort.

Once she made that decision and started putting herself first, she lost over 90 pounds and stopped hiding from the world! ??Years later, she has maintained her progress and is a new person—she is trying new things that were once out of reach, enjoying an active social life, and living the life she always wanted.

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fit moms for lifeImagine having more energy, thinking more clearly, and being in better shape than ever after having kids. After a decade of hearing his personal training clients say they loved becoming moms but didn’t love what it did to their bodies and energy level, fitness expert Dustin Maher started Fit Moms For Life. His mission is to help one million mothers help each other get in the best shape of their lives, mentally and physically. Sign up for the FM4L Challenge, a 6-week program that includes diet, exercise and the support of moms helping moms.

Mary is one of thousands of women who have transformed their lives through Fit Moms for Life… by starting to put themselves first.

If you are ready to start caring for yourself, I can share a few ideas on where to start.

  1. Get moving!  The more you exercise, the better you will feel, which will give you the energy to get through the day and make other changes.  Schedule workouts on your calendar like any other appointment, and stick to it!
  2. Put the best fuel that you can in your body.  If I had to give you just one piece of nutrition advice, I’d tell you “If your great grandma didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t eat it.”  If you read the ingredient list and can’t pronounce the ingredients, or you know your great grandma wouldn’t have eaten it, put it back on the shelf!  It’s not real food.  Click here for 30 quick and healthy, real food snack ideas.
  3. Take your nutrition a step further by never eating carbs alone.  If you always eat a carb with some protein and some healthy fat (ie, an apple with almond butter; oatmeal with eggs on the side) it will balance your blood sugar and keep you feeling full.
  4. Recruit someone to go on this journey with you.  You will be much more successful if you are working with someone else who is also trying to get healthy.  You can keep each other motivated and accountable.

If you want a done-for-you plan that will get you moving, eating healthy foods, and taking care of yourself with the support of other like-minded women, take the FM4L 6 Week Challenge.

It includes:

  • 6 fat-burning workouts that are no more than 30 minutes each
  • A 6 week meal plan with delicious recipes that even your kids will love
  • Some of my best exercises and information to help you change your mindset and stick with these changes for life
  • Access to the FM4L community and our members-only area to connect you with other women on the same journey

Learn more at Fit Moms for Life and take the challenge!

By Dustin Maher | Dustin is a personal trainer who has devoted his life to helping moms help each other get into the best shape of their lives. Although he’s trained bodybuilders, athletes, and models, Dustin’s favorite clients are moms, partly because they often need him—and the “me time” of a workout—the most, and partly because he believes that good health for the entire family begins with a fit mom.

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