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Campfires and Kids

campfires and kidsCampfires, fire pits and barbecues are synonymous with summertime. Who doesn’t find fire a mesmerizing, mysterious attraction? Children can find it especially so which is what makes fires the leading cause of children’s camping injuries.

With so many fun and essential activities wrapped around the fire — cooking, making s’mores, telling stories, keeping warm — it seems silly to contemplate not having one. Even the act of teamwork around gathering wood and building the fire is a family bonding experience.

So to have the experience — and make the memories — you need to keep safety in mind for those little ones.

The number one safety recommendation for children around fires is supervision. Keep a close eye on children around the fire.

Second important recommendation is education. Teach kids how to stop, drop and roll in case their clothes catch on fire. Have them practice. Teach them to keep a certain distance away (draw a boundary around the fire to help remind them). Teach that only adults feed the fire.

And as always make sure you have a good fire site away from low branches and with a surrounding area of dirt, sand or rocks. Plus, keep a way of quickly extinguishing the fire close by whether a fire extinguisher (best) or plenty of water and a shovel for throwing sand on the fire if it starts to get out of control.

And remember even when it seems the fire is out, the coals may remain hot and can burn so continue to keeps kids away from the area.

Have safe and fun summer fires.

By Amie Durocher, Creative Director at Safe Ride 4 Kids and CPS Tech since 2004

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