Tummy Shield


Did you know thousands of pregnancies are lost every year due to car crashes? For the price of your daily Starbucks or a few relaxing mani/pedis, the Tummy Shield™ could one day save the life of your unborn child or protect your baby from a severe brain or spinal injury.

  • Makes driving while pregnant much more comfortable.
  • Increases safety for mom and baby in case of a crash.
  • Fits in seconds and diverts seat belt pressure away from the tummy area to the thigh and pelvis areas.
  • Easy to move back and forth between driver’s seat and passenger seat.
  • Want to Rent for the remainder of your pregnancy? Go here.

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Product Description

The Tummy Shield is simple to fit, comfortable and easy to use. And it could one day save the life of your unborn child or protect your baby from a severe brain or other spinal injury.

Numerous tests and studies were conducted by leading U.S. obstetricians and gynecologists as to the effect of motor vehicle crashes on pregnant women and their unborn babies. Most results were shocking, and in almost every report, the conclusion is more must be done to protect the mother and her unborn child, even in a minor collision.

Watch the Tummy Shield: What It Is and How to Use It video here.

Three engineers have been working to come up with a simple device that can address this serious problem, and yet is easy to use. They conducted many tests, made numerous prototypes and finally Tummy Shield™ was invented.

It is made of a carefully engineered high tensile stainless steel piece weighing nearly 8lbs molded into a cushion and enclosed in a high-quality microfiber cover which meets fire resistant specifications. Tummy Shield™ has undergone vigorous tests in some of the world’s leading testing facilities, including crash tests at high speeds.


  • Sold out of Mocha color
  • Using the Tummy Shield does take a few extra inches of seat belt webbing. If you are already using the extent of the seat belt length, you may need to get a seat belt extender to be able to use the Tummy Shield.

Go to our TummyShield.com for additional information and to read our FAQs.

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Top Choice Award for Travel Safety for Moms-to-be 2014
The Tummy Shield™ is a winner of a 2014 TOP CHOICE OF THE YEAR AWARD
for the Travel Safety – Moms-to-Be category from BabyMaternity Magazine.