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Bit of Britax News

Britax is opting to phase out the rear-tethering option on their convertible seats. In the past Britax convertible seats have come with a d-ring strap and instructions to tether rear facing in one of two methods. The Swedish rear tether method has less compatibility with vehicles, particularly occupant detection systems (airbag sensors) and vehicle manufacturer […]


Do Recalled Car Seats Always Need to be Replaced?

You’ve heard about them, you may have even been involved with… recalled car seats. It seems like a big inconvenience, especially having to stop using your car seat. What to do? The truth is recalled seats do not always have to be replaced. Often times the car seat manufacturer will send replacement parts for your […]

RideSafer 3 Being Discontinued

Why is the RideSafer 3 being discontinued in the U.S.? The RideSafer 2 will still be available. But it is true the RideSafer 3 is being discontinued for U.S. shoppers. We’ve had a lot of people ask why. Two prime reasons why the RideSafer 3 will no longer be available in the U.S. after we […]


Where Should You Put Your Car Seat?

You are getting ready for your first baby, YAY!, and now you need to know where to put your car seat in the car. The safest place in the car is the center of the back seat. Done. (Wow, that was a short post… OK I’ll give you more.) A study published in Pediatrics, showed […]

Recent News Affecting Car Seats

Locking Clips No Longer Standard Issue: Both Evenflo & Dorel car seats manufacturers have recently decided to exclude the locking clip on their car seats. Why? Because parents misuse them more often than they actually need to install their car seat using one. In other words, the locking clips were more often part of the […]