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Car Seat Safety

05/05 2016
Travel with Child in a Taxi

Do you live in a big city or travel and ride with your child in a taxi? This is for all the parents who transport their...

04/28 2016
Car Seats: But My Doctor Said!

What crazy things has your doctor said about car seats?Doctors are experts at keeping you and your family healthy, but that does not mean they...

buckle unused seat belt
01/31 2016
Seat Belt Entanglement

Are you asking what is seat belt entanglement and what does it have to do with my child?Seat belt entanglement is when a child is...

01/07 2016
LATCH Ratings by IIHS

This past year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued its first ease-of-use ratings for LATCH hardware in vehicles.These LATCH ratings are meant to serve...

child restraint laws
12/24 2015
The Best Child Road Safety Laws by State

Guest blog by Fay NiselbaumMany states have a variety of safety laws in place that are designed to keep their youngest residents safe, but some...

winter coats car seats
12/17 2015
Winter Coats and Car Seats

'Tis the season for dealing with winter coats and car seats for our young ones.It's cold! And it will officially be winter in a matter...

is the RideSafer legal
11/15 2015
Is the RideSafer Legal?

Many people wonder how this little vest called the RideSafer Travel Vest can be safe and legal compared to the typical large, bulky car seat....

10/29 2015
Safe Halloween Driving Tips

I don't know about you but my kids love Halloween. With all that candy, dressing up and often staying up late, what child wouldn't? But...

driving carpool safety
09/17 2015
Staying Safe in the Carpool

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe in the CarpoolA guest post by Mario CattabianiThe start of the school year signals the return to the...