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Where Should You Put Your Car Seat?

You are getting ready for your first baby, YAY!, and now you need to know where to put your car seat in the car. The safest place in the car is the center of the back seat. Done. (Wow, that was a short post… OK I’ll give you more.) A study published in Pediatrics, showed […]

Recent News Affecting Car Seats

Locking Clips No Longer Standard Issue: Both Evenflo & Dorel car seats manufacturers have recently decided to exclude the locking clip on their car seats. Why? Because parents misuse them more often than they actually need to install their car seat using one. In other words, the locking clips were more often part of the […]


Was Your Car Seat in a Crash?

Most car seats need to be replaced if they were in a vehicle that experience a crash — even if the child was NOT in the seat during the crash.  Crash forces can be extreme. In a substantial crash, the crash forces may be enough to bend the steel in your car’s frame, therefore, obviously […]


Going Forward Facing Too Early – WAY Too Early

Nearly 25% of parents turn their child forward facing too early, even before the child turns 1 Recent University of Michigan surveys asked a randomly selected group of parents with children between the ages of 7 months and 4 years about when they transitioned their child to a forward-facing car seat. Two surveys took place, […]


Keep Rear Facing as Long as Possible

Why Keep Rear Facing? It’s long been known and taught by Car Passenger Safety Technicians that keeping children rear facing for as long as possible is safest and best practice. And while many state laws still say the minimum is one year and 20 pounds, the American Academy of Pediatrics has finally made more known […]

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Getting Your Car Seat Checked

Get your car seat checked, even if you think you’ve got it right! (96% of parents think it’s right, while ~80% of children are found to be restrained incorrectly.) You wouldn’t go to your vet to deliver your baby just because he helped deliver a calf. Just like you wouldn’t go to your neighbor to […]