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Solutions to the Sleep Slump

As parent’s we’ve all seen it, right? And we cringe at the sleep slump. It looks so uncomfortable. And there are safety issues too. When the children are small and still in a 5-point harness, the child is less likely to get so out of position as to be in increased danger. But big kids […]

Getting Ready for RedCARpet Event

The SR4K Team will be at the 3rd Annual RedCARpet Safety Awareness Event The event hosted by Ali Landry, her company and Club MomMe, is a celebrity driven event that aims to bring national awareness to child and car seat safety. Safe Ride 4 Kids is happy to be part of the event this […]

Law vs. Best Practice in Child Restraints

Most parents and caregivers assume the law is the safest and what is recommended by safety experts. However, this is not always the case. States’ restraint laws are the result of compromises between the “best practice” recommendations of safety experts and provisions the legislators feel are practical, enforceable, and will be tolerated by the general […]

Saving Kids, Saving Earth

How can we better accomplish both saving kids and the Earth at the same time? Why is it important to figure out recycling for our car seats anyway? Well first of all, car seats do expire. Because of being exposed to extreme conditions like, heat and sun and freezing cold, they plastic car seats are […]