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26 Nov
The Long Story of Why We Are in This Business

And it’s NOT for the money — as you’ll undeniably understand as you read.Before there was a companyWhen Greg and I met and married, he was a firefighter/paramedic. He also was a Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor. Greg did a lot of events and occasionally...

is the RideSafer legal
15 Nov
Is the RideSafer Legal?

Many people wonder how this little vest called the RideSafer Travel Vest can be safe and legal compared to the typical large, bulky car seat. So is the RideSafer legal?The RideSafer 2 is a FMVSS 213 certified child restraint. It is a legal child restraint.The...

29 Oct
Safe Halloween Driving Tips

I don't know about you but my kids love Halloween. With all that candy, dressing up and often staying up late, what child wouldn't? But dark costumes and poor visibility often result in accidents. Here are some tips for safe Halloween driving.Brought to you by...

driving carpool safety
17 Sep
Staying Safe in the Carpool

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe in the CarpoolA guest post by Mario CattabianiThe start of the school year signals the return to the hustle and bustle of busy days with packed schedules. With mom and dad off to work or trying to get...

27 Aug
Keeping Pre- & School-aged Kids Safe in Cars

Somewhere along the way our kids grow up -- usually too fast, right?! It seems like in no time they've gone from a rear-facing infant seat to a forward-facing seat that they're now on the verge of growing out of.What's next?Depending on the child, the...

flying with kids
20 Aug
Flying with Children on Personal Aircraft

If you are a pilot and flying with children on a personal airplane, how do you keep your child restrained? This is probably the most important issue concerning children in private aviation. All passengers in an aircraft require "adequate" restraint, but what constitutes adequate restraint is...

car seat intall
13 Aug
Who Do I Talk to About Car Seats?

Where should a parent go and who should a parent talk to get to accurate car seat information? We all want to keep our kids as safe as possible. And while we think we're doing this car seat thing right, we hear that 3 out of...

child restraint laws
23 Jul
3 States Update Their Child Restraint Laws

Kentucky, New Jersey and Oklahoma made updates to their Child Restraint Laws recently.Here we'll explain the updates in normal language, instead of legalese.KentuckyHouse Bill 315 amends KRS 189.125 for the "booster age" child. (I use quotes for "booster age" because there are alternatives to using...

history of car seats
16 Jul
The General History of Car Seats

When you ponder the history of car seats and look at the dates of when advances actually took place from the creation to acceptance and from the regulation to the legal requirement of usage, you may wonder if it's because of critics that things took...

play in car hot cars
14 May
Heat Stroke: It could not happen to us……

A powerful, personal story about heat stroke and how easily it can happen so unintentionally and so tragically. Guest post by Jenny Stanley [caption id="attachment_6147" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Kids love to play in cars. Parents have to keep them safe. (This was taken during a RideSafer photo shoot...

Children in car
30 Apr
Dress Your Kids Comfortably During Long Road Trips

Our Safe Ride 4 Kids team features a Tip of the Week every week on FaceBook about car seat safety and safe driving while pregnant. Last week's tip is so common sense and practical that if we were to actually neglect it as parents and...

20 Apr
Bit of Britax News

Britax is opting to phase out the rear-tethering option on their convertible seats. In the past Britax convertible seats have come with a d-ring strap and instructions to tether rear facing in one of two methods. The Swedish rear tether method has less compatibility with vehicles,...

02 Apr
RideSafer 3 Being Discontinued

UPDATE: We WILL continue carrying the RideSafer 3. Based on a lot of feedback from customers and fans after announcing that the RideSafer 3 was going to be discontinued, the manufacturer, Safe Traffic Systems, has decided to continue manufacturing the RideSafer 3 for use in the...

car seat center seat
19 Feb
Where Should You Put Your Car Seat?

You are getting ready for your first baby, YAY!, and now you need to know where to put your car seat in the car. The safest place in the car is the center of the back seat. Done. (Wow, that was a short post...

car seat locking clip
12 Feb
Recent News Affecting Car Seats

Locking Clips No Longer Standard Issue: Both Evenflo & Dorel car seats manufacturers have recently decided to exclude the locking clip on their car seats. Why? Because parents misuse them more often than they actually need to install their car seat using one. In other words,...