Car Seat Safety

07/28 2016
Rear Facing vs Forward Facing Car Seats

Rear facing vs forward facing car seats (and how that includes the RideSafer Travel Vest) when we apply the 5 safety principles of every restraint...

expecting dad
06/16 2016
10 Tips Every Expecting Dad Needs to Know

Are you an expecting dad? Then from one Dad to another, please, read this!!! It might save your life during this critical period of pregnancy! I'm...

traveling with kids in RVs
05/19 2016
Traveling With Children in RVs

We're coming up on summer travel time which includes family road trips and perhaps traveling with children in RVs. From a child passenger safety perspective, the...

safe travel with kids
05/14 2016
Tips for Kids During Long Car Rides

guest post Some people can sit in the car for ages, taking in the fresh air and passing scenery with good music in the background. And then...

05/12 2016
Car Seat Checklist for Your Family Road Trip

This cute, informational video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License by CJ Pony Parts.Summer is just around the bend. Whether...

05/05 2016
Travel with Child in a Taxi

Do you live in a big city or travel and ride with your child in a taxi? This is for all the parents who transport their...

04/28 2016
Car Seats: But My Doctor Said!

What crazy things has your doctor said about car seats?Doctors are experts at keeping you and your family healthy, but that does not mean they...

buckle unused seat belt
01/31 2016
Seat Belt Entanglement

Are you asking what is seat belt entanglement and what does it have to do with my child?Seat belt entanglement is when a child is...

LATCH anchor
01/07 2016
LATCH Ratings by IIHS

This past year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued its first ease-of-use ratings for LATCH hardware in vehicles.These LATCH ratings are meant to serve...

child restraint laws
12/24 2015
The Best Child Road Safety Laws by State

Guest blog by Fay NiselbaumMany states have a variety of safety laws in place that are designed to keep their youngest residents safe, but some...